Drive away Dry Eye

Dry eye conditions are generally characterized by itching, burning, and redness. The trigger condition can be from allergies, pollution, too long in front of a computer or hot weather. In addition, the hormone is also very influential.

In women aged over 40 years, tear production began to decrease. To prevent or reduce the discomfort of dry eyes, try doing the following five steps.

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Stay Comfortables Wearing Contact Lens

Using glasses for most people now deemed impractical. For those who more money, lasik surgery would be an option. However, the use of contact lenses is considered as a good alternative. Unlike glasses, contact lenses are not easy to shift or dusty, even able to improve the appearance.

As the name suggests, contact lenses used to stick in the eye. Special-shaped plastic pieces mounted on the cornea of the eye. Although generally safe, but still there are risks faced by users of contact lenses.

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