Beware of Colon Cancer

Did you know colon cancer is the number two cause of death due to cancer? You have to be careful, because diet and bad lifestyle will increase the likelihood of developing this disease.

For that, there’s no harm in eating patterns you look back over the years. When you eat too much meat, fatty foods, lack of vegetables, be careful. Moreover, your lack of exercise, obesity, and smoking. It was all so the risk factors of colon cancer.

In order to avoid this disease, also recognize the symptoms of colon cancer. Abdominal pain at the bottom, there is blood in the dirt, dirt form long and thin like a pencil, it means you begin to suffer from anemia and your weight has fallen dramatically. So, before it’s too late let’s healthy living, exercise, and eat-healthy foods.


Aspirin to Reduce Cancer Risk ?

Studies show that aspirin can reduce the risk of cancer. A researcher in the UK, Peter Rothwell from the John Radcliffe Hospital and University of Oxford reported, that aspirin has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of death from various cancers.

The team of researchers in England found that people who consume low-dose aspirin (75 mg) every day, at least five years will reduce the risk of death from cancer by 60 percent.

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Carrots beneficial for heart and overcoming cancer …?!

So far people only know carrots are good for the eyes. Apparently the results of scientific studies say more than that. Carrots are not only good for eye health.  It is also good for heart health. Again, not only that. A study in Atlanta found that carrot may reduce risk of heart disease and cancer. Two disease is classified as anchor for human life because it has claimed millions of lives indiscriminately.

The content of carotene in carrots is believed to ward off free radicals and other bad substances originating from outside the body. In addition to finding the many benefits of carrots, a study involving more than 15 thousand people also produce findings that fruits and vegetables that are consumed on a regular basis to prevent attacks of lung cancer.

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