Vertigo vs Neuropathy

Some people will feel unfamiliar with the term of this disease. People more familiar with vertigo than neuropathy.

Vertigo is a feeling as if the patient moves or rotates. Or as if the objects around the patient is moving or spinning, usually accompanied by nausea and loss of balance. This disease can take a few moments or a few hours or even days. Patients often feel better when lying down. But the disease can continue even if the patient does not move at all.

The cause of this disease because of abnormalities in the ear, the nerve that connects the ear to the brain and also in the brain itself. In addition, the vertigo is also associated with abnormalities of vision or change in blood pressure that occurs suddenly.
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Kiwi Maintain Blood Pressure

Eating fruits, especially kiwi, is good for health. A recent study explains that consuming at least three kiwifruit a day will help you keep your blood pressure.

As quoted from the pages of The Huffington Post, from the American Heart Association study found levels of green fruit that can lower high blood pressure.

In that study, at least 118 men and women aged over 55 years of observation. The respondents generally suffer from high blood pressure.

The researcher then divided them into two groups. One takes three kiwifruit a day for eight weeks. The rest ate an apple a day for eight weeks.

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Breastfeeding may lower risk of High Blood Pressure

One more research on the benefits of breastfeeding was released. According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology latest issue, the mothers who breastfeed within the recommended time (6-12 months) had a lower risk of high blood pressure later in life.

Research, however, does not conclude that breastfeeding is the reason for creating a healthy blood pressure. But they add to evidence that breastfeeding may have benefits not only for baby but for mom as well.

In general, experts recommend that babies be exclusively breastfed during their first six months, then continue to get milk with solid foods until they are one year.

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Fat Destroyer Foods

Currently, many foods are consumed every day without realizing it can increase blood cholesterol levels. Balance with intake of fiber, vitamins, and minerals to keep the body healthy.

Many people complained about her weight is increasing, despite the reduced portions of carbohydrates. Explanation of why weight gain is simple. One gram of carbohydrate produces only 4 calories, while 1 gram of fat 9 calories. That’s what makes the body weight plus

The body still needs the fiber, in addition to vitamins and minerals, which can be obtained from the following foodstuffs:

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List of Inherited Disease

Family history plays an important role in a person’s health condition. For example, if in any family history of cancer, it means that we or our children have the possibility to inherit the same gene. In other words, the risk for developing cancer is much higher than the risk of individuals who do not have the gene.

So far scientists have identified genes that can increase the roughly 400 most prominent disease conditions, such as Parkinson’s and cystic fibrosis or fatal condition caused by genetic mutations. Cystic fribrosis cause the formation of thick, sticky mucus in the lungs and various other parts.

However some diseases are caused not only by a single gene but rather due to a combination of several factors such as diet and lifestyle. Call it like high blood pressure, heart disease or schizophrenia.

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Fruit, Best Breakfast Menu

Many people often underestimate the importance of breakfast, because it did not have the time or in a hurry. But, do you know the impact of the current frequency does not consume food in the morning for our health?

Some diseases can be landed on our bodies, such as being attacked or gastric ulcer disease, low blood pressure, dizziness and so forth.

Fruit was mentioned as one of the breakfast menu is good for the human body. Fruit can be served immediately or prepared juices.

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Orange Juice Overcome Hypertension

Drink Orange juice regularly can help to overcome high blood pressure (hypertension) and closely related to the risk of heart disease. Thus the results of the study the researchers from the University of Auvergne in France, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study involved some 50-year-old man was also found that the content of hesperidin in orange is the holder of an important role in stabilizing blood pressure. In the study, respondents were given two glasses of orange juice per day.

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Watermelon consumption Overcome Hypertension

Eating watermelon on a regular basis is known to lower blood pressure and prevent blood pressure rising again which can cause heart attacks.

Research from Florida found that the amino acid L-arginine and L-citrilline contained in watermelon fruit can increase the performance of the artery or arteries and lowering blood pressure in nine points associated with prehypertension or  where the blood pressure again rose that increase the risk of heart attack .

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