Too many Drugs Make Men Impotence?

Men with chronic health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol more likely to develop erectile dysfunction, compared to healthy men. However, in the new study found, investigators released a link between drug use and erectile dysfunction.

Of the 37,700 men, researchers found that drugs pose a higher risk of erectile dysfunction in men. Men who are taking three to five eggs a day, 15 percent possibility can be affected by erectile dysfunction. Medication than those who drank less.

“However, this research does not prove that the drug is to blame,” said senior researcher Dr. Steven J. Jacobsen, Department of Kaiser Permanente Southern California Research and Evaluation. “We’ve been trying to find the underlying cause,” he told.

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ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

Avocado is not causing Fat

What was thinking if serving avocado juice? There may be a welcomed and there is also holding a sense of want to taste in order to maintain his weight. So far we know that avocados contain fat which can make the body fat. It turned out that our thinking about it wrong. In fact it turns out avocados can lose weight. The facts below will explain why the avocado did not make weight to be climbed.

One surprising fact is found by a Potchefstroom Institute of Nutrision at Potchefstroom University, in his findings at the mention that the avocado can facilitate a person’s body weight reduction. This break assumtion that avocados can cause fat or gaining weight. Avocados do contain fat, even a very high fat content. But fat is “good fats” that is a monounsaturated fat called oleic common omega-9. These fats can lower bad cholesterol in our bodies.

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Squash Player Having a Heart Attack

Bad Habits For Heart

Everyone wants to have a healthy heart, but heart disease is often sudden attack. Fortunately, there are some simple ways of daily habits that can protect the heart.

Here are 17 habits bad for the heart and how to avoid :

1. Watching TV
Sitting for long hours increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, although it has been exercising regularly. Lack of movement can affect the levels of fat and sugar.

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Vertigo vs Neuropathy

Some people will feel unfamiliar with the term of this disease. People more familiar with vertigo than neuropathy.

Vertigo is a feeling as if the patient moves or rotates. Or as if the objects around the patient is moving or spinning, usually accompanied by nausea and loss of balance. This disease can take a few moments or a few hours or even days. Patients often feel better when lying down. But the disease can continue even if the patient does not move at all.

The cause of this disease because of abnormalities in the ear, the nerve that connects the ear to the brain and also in the brain itself. In addition, the vertigo is also associated with abnormalities of vision or change in blood pressure that occurs suddenly.
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Fruits Good for Male Fertility

This is important for the men. Scientists in Brazil, advised the men to eat fruits and grains. The goal is to increase the likelihood of successful fertilization outside the womb.

A study revealed that a lack of nutritious foods and being overweight can lower sperm concentration. It also affects the ability of sperm to swim toward the egg. The habit of drinking alcohol can also make the quality of male fertility decline.

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Drive away Dry Eye

Dry eye conditions are generally characterized by itching, burning, and redness. The trigger condition can be from allergies, pollution, too long in front of a computer or hot weather. In addition, the hormone is also very influential.

In women aged over 40 years, tear production began to decrease. To prevent or reduce the discomfort of dry eyes, try doing the following five steps.

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Many Children Can Reduce Stroke Risk

Apparently, many children can reduce the risk of stroke. It was based on a study by the University of California, United States, which found that if a woman has many children, he rarely died of a stroke.

A study of 1,300 women in Calofornia, USA, revealed, if women who had four or more children have a 50 percent reduced risk of dying from a stroke. According to researchers, it is probably due to high circulating hormones during pregnancy. Impact is very positive for the blood vessels.

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Benefits of Breast Stimulation

Stimulation of the breast was much benefit. In addition to causing an orgasm, breast stimulation is claimed to produce milk. Really?

As quoted Moms Today, a woman can easily stimulate the breasts to produce milk. One of the recommended therapy is by taking birth control pills on a regular basis for several months. Then stop just before the adoption process.

When the consumption of medicines and herbs known to help the secretion of milk, an attempt to let the baby suck the nipple is also believed to stimulate the production of milk little by little.

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breast check

5 Characteristics of Breast Implants

Number of women who do not feel confident with the size of the breasts more and more. According to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 300,000 women in America do breast enlargement in 2010.

For the layman, it may be difficult to distinguish which are natural breasts that have been coupled with silicon. But according to a plastic surgeon Norman Rowe, there are five main characteristics to identify the added breast implants.

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Giving Vaccines More Effective in the Afternoon

Afternoon claimed to be the best time to vaccinate the children. In addition to the immune response to vaccines is better, the children also sleep more soundly after vaccination.

Quality sleep is essential post-vaccine because it would facilitate the immune response and increase antibody production.

“Babies are vaccinated in the afternoon and soundly sleeping longer than infants vaccinated at noon or in the morning,” said Dr. Kim Giuliano, a pediatrician from Cleveland Clinic, who was not involved in this study.

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