Carbon Monoxide Can Prevent Miscarriage Apparently

Inhaling too much carbon monoxide (CO) will cause troubled breathing. Instead of a German study actually found that if low-dose CO gas for pregnant women can prevent miscarriage. As proclaimed Dailymail, Otto-von Guerickeoleh university research, Germany, found that low doses of carbon monoxide can increase the growth of blood vessels in the placenta and establish blood flow in the umbilical cord.

The researchers used carbon monoxide on the pregnant mice with the condition known as intrauterine growth restriction, a serious complication of pregnancy. The result, carbon monoxide is able to restore the function of the placenta and prevent the death of the fetus without adverse effects.

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Let’s Recognize the Early Symptoms of Stroke Attack

The old adage says prevention is better than cure. Of course this applies to almost every health problem, especially stroke. This type of interference is due to the blockage of blood supply to a part of the brain and can cause sudden series of biochemical reactions, which can damage or kill nerve cells in the brain.

Its sudden, often makes it difficult to detect early symptoms. So often, sufferers often end in death. Then how to know the early warning to avoid this deadly attack. Listen exposure below :

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Ideal Time for Contact Lenses use

When the ideal time to use contact lenses? Actually usage instruction of contact lenses already exist on the package wrapper. But still, there are users who do not heed them.

Eye surgeon from India, Dr. Keiki Mehta, said that ideally the use of contact lenses is no more than six hours a day. If you still need it, you must remove it first. Then wash and moisten with liquid contact lenses for 20 minutes, just wear again.

The demand for contact lenses is high, unfortunately, not all users understand the risks that threaten the health of their eyes. Contact lenses are a practical choice for those who have impaired vision.

Also for those who want to look more trendy, with a color display like brown eyes, gray, blue, green, and so on. The most common risk factor is the use of contact lenses beyond the recommended life.

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Pregnant Women No need Eat Much

Pregnant women really need a lot of nutrients to support herself and the fetus that was conceived. As a result many of them feel the need to eat twice as much. Society considers this a reasonable increase in appetite.

However, this habit makes them tend to gain weight badly enough. This condition can affect them in danger.

But contrary to myth, health experts warn pregnant women do not really need to eat for two. Research in England found that if pregnant women do not need to eat more. For extra calories to enter the third trimester to be sufficient.

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Importance of Exercise to Prevent Diabetes

Research has shown, one of the best ways to avoid the risk of getting diabetes is to always control your weight. This can be achieved by engaging in regular physical activity and undergo a healthy diet focused on fruits and vegetables.

Many people are lazy to exercise by reason of the rush and there was no time to spare. In fact, physical activity is very important to prevent many serious diseases and disorders of health conditions.

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Know More In Women’s C-Spot

Women have sensitive points are spelled out much. Even some states more than men.

In addition to the point of the popular G-Spot, of course there are many other sensitive areas are not less great if exposed to stimuli. One is the C Spot, point C-Spot is another term for the clitoris sensitive areas.

This section is very sensitive to stimulation. It lies hidden around the sex organs. Once the sensitivity of this gland, to the many women who feel pain and hurt when touched or distimuli directly with the hand or something hard and dry.

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Do not underestimate Mouth Odor

Do you have a problem with bad breath? No need to worry. There are effective ways to keep your oral health and keep your breath fresh and odorless.

Bad breath, called halitosis in medical terminology, arises from the buildup of bacteria that thrives in low oxygen areas, like the back of the tongue. Buildup of bacteria is usually sourced from coffee, cigarettes, food scraps, tartar, and also strongly scented foods such as onions. It will produce balance disorders mouth acid, thus producing sulfur smell the scent triggers.

Here are a powerful way to avoid the interference of bad breath:

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Women also have Early Orgasm

Do not underestimate sex. The rupture of the household may arise from this. Many women are annoyed when watching their partner “sluggish” before competing. So the wife feels neglected in the affairs of inner satisfaction.

But what if premature ejaculation happens in women. How so? A study conducted Magalhaes Lemos Hospital, Portugal, showed as much as 40 percent of women claimed to have suffered from sexual dysfunction, while three percent described the problem as a chronic thing.

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Various Ways to Avoid Baldness

Hair loss or alopecia is a condition in which the hair is at normal levels that ultimately lead to partial or complete loss of hair. The average scalp covered one million hairs. A healthy scalp will be a “warehouse” and change the hair constantly. But when the scalp is not able to produce new hair to replace damaged hair, baldness would be greeted.

Generally, hair loss occurs due to androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. This is the type of permanent hair loss that can not be cured due to hereditary factors. Other types are temporary because the symptoms of serious illnesses, such as skin infections, stress, use of certain drugs, or thyroid disease.

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