What happens to the woman’s body during fertile period ?

Fertile period is the period that makes a woman’s body for the highest chance of conception in a month. So what happens in a woman’s body during this time?

Ovulation period is when a woman are in a condition considered to be fertile and have a great opportunity for the best time for conception and pregnancy. Fertile period of a woman occurred at approximately day 12 to 15, calculated from the first day of menstruation.

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Great Benefits of Hugging: Increases Immunity and Stabilizes Heart Beats

Hugging and laughing as a couple just seen as an activity that shows affection. In fact, hugging has more benefits than that. Some researchers concluded that hugging beneficial to health.

Reported by the Times of India, on Wednesday (30/10/2013), hugging can release oxytocin hormone. This hormone can help the body combat feelings of depression, stress, loneliness, and anger. Therefore, when you’re anxious and embraced, you will feel more relaxed and secure. Hugging can also increase the production of serotonin hormone. This hormone serves to set the mood and make you feel happy.

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Carbon Monoxide Can Prevent Miscarriage Apparently

Inhaling too much carbon monoxide (CO) will cause troubled breathing. Instead of a German study actually found that if low-dose CO gas for pregnant women can prevent miscarriage. As proclaimed Dailymail, Otto-von Guerickeoleh university research, Germany, found that low doses of carbon monoxide can increase the growth of blood vessels in the placenta and establish blood flow in the umbilical cord.

The researchers used carbon monoxide on the pregnant mice with the condition known as intrauterine growth restriction, a serious complication of pregnancy. The result, carbon monoxide is able to restore the function of the placenta and prevent the death of the fetus without adverse effects.

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Know More In Women’s C-Spot

Women have sensitive points are spelled out much. Even some states more than men.

In addition to the point of the popular G-Spot, of course there are many other sensitive areas are not less great if exposed to stimuli. One is the C Spot, point C-Spot is another term for the clitoris sensitive areas.

This section is very sensitive to stimulation. It lies hidden around the sex organs. Once the sensitivity of this gland, to the many women who feel pain and hurt when touched or distimuli directly with the hand or something hard and dry.

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Women also have Early Orgasm

Do not underestimate sex. The rupture of the household may arise from this. Many women are annoyed when watching their partner “sluggish” before competing. So the wife feels neglected in the affairs of inner satisfaction.

But what if premature ejaculation happens in women. How so? A study conducted Magalhaes Lemos Hospital, Portugal, showed as much as 40 percent of women claimed to have suffered from sexual dysfunction, while three percent described the problem as a chronic thing.

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Too many Drugs Make Men Impotence?

Men with chronic health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol more likely to develop erectile dysfunction, compared to healthy men. However, in the new study found, investigators released a link between drug use and erectile dysfunction.

Of the 37,700 men, researchers found that drugs pose a higher risk of erectile dysfunction in men. Men who are taking three to five eggs a day, 15 percent possibility can be affected by erectile dysfunction. Medication than those who drank less.

“However, this research does not prove that the drug is to blame,” said senior researcher Dr. Steven J. Jacobsen, Department of Kaiser Permanente Southern California Research and Evaluation. “We’ve been trying to find the underlying cause,” he told.

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List of Sex Passion killers

Loss of sex drive can certainly damage the harmony of your relationship and your partner. Well, to know what are the factors that can kill your sex drive, consider the following reviews:

In women, physical changes such as menopause can affect the physical intimacy and sexual desire. Although menopause itself does not affect the ability of women to have sex, decreased levels of hormones can cause some discomfort issues, such as vaginal dryness and pain during sex. This is why it took a long time to get an orgasm.

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Sex is healthy

Many facts that prove when sex is good for health. Especially, for women.

According to research at Monash University, Australia, recently, as quoted by askmen.com, find any evidence of these fun activities to bring a good impact on health. The results of this research indicate that women often love will have higher energy levels, fewer illnesses, and psychological condition is stable.

The same thing is written in a journal of sexual medicine, UK, who says she will be more vulnerable to illness if not berseks ria at least twice a month. It is very reasonable. Because, according to experts sexology, sex therapy can also be said as health and beauty for women.

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Sex While Pregnant, Why Not?

Many couples who may be thinking if having intercourse can damage the fetus or endanger the uterus. Another reason you should refrain from sex during pregnancy is vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramping even the cervix can also occur.

But for some people, sex during pregnancy is a fun activity. They see this from the bright side. Here are the reasons sex enjoyable during pregnancy from Yourtango:

  1. Pregnancy hormones can actually increase your sex drive during the first three months.
  2. Growing breasts, rounded belly, and glowing skin, make a woman feel sexy and self-confidence.
  3. Trying a new position because of the stomach continues to expand, it can be a challenge fun.
  4. Pregnant women orgasm more easily. This course can reduce your stress while waiting the birth of this little angel.
  5. Regular sex during pregnancy will add a warm relationship between you and your partner. Because of the men will treat you so gently, remembering when pregnant women to be weak.

Take time to talk with your partner about pregnancy symptoms and activities of “night” with a clear mind. Do not force the will, and see positive results. So, sex while pregnant, why not?