Risk of repeated Caesarean Birth

Currently, many pregnant women who gave birth to her baby by caesarean section either because they have a problem with her pregnancy or not.

Number of women who perform a cesarean section was also influenced by the increasingly sophisticated reproductive technology or the size of a baby that is too large because of increased diabetes in pregnant women.

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Childbirth makes women smarter

Women have an advantage to be able to give birth to a child, in addition, the birth of a child is a blessing for a woman.

A research published by the American Psychological Association proved that women could become more intelligent after giving birth, because the volume of the female brain was growing larger after childbirth.

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Have children because of acupuncture

After three years of waiting and trying, the couple Dawn and Chris Paddock finally have a child through the technique of acupuncture.

Dawn Paddock, 31, from Wrexham, North Wales has been waiting three years to have a baby. All efforts are attempted by this couple never produced results.

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Fat Children Threatened Hypertension

Parents should be aware of weight gain of children. Children who suffer from overweight and obesity risk for high blood pressure (hypertension). As we know, hypertension can cause complications later in life, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

“The impact of obesity on high blood pressure vary in each child depending on the category of fat,” said Wanzhu Tu, a researcher of hypertension in children.

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Wash Hands Before Touching the Baby!

Newborns usually do not have a good immune system. Parents or guests who visit should wash their hands first before holding the baby.

Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of disease. This also applies to protect newborns, because the newborns included in the groups most at risk for infection.

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Early Autism Detection by MRI

Autism is a condition of a person from birth or during infancy, which makes him unable to form social relationships or have their own world. Autism is usually very difficult to detect when a child is still very early. However, Utah State University revealed, autism in children can be traced at an early age with MRI imaging.

Magnetic resonance imaging, or commonly known as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) was originally called NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). The focus of patients already diagnosed with autism, researchers used MRI to find parts of the brain can not communicate well. Researchers reveal that this is called hot spots, center for motor function, attention, face recognition and social behavior – the kind of abnormal behavior in people with autism.

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TVs and Computers Affect Child Psycho

For more than two hours a day watching television or playing “video games” on a computer can give a greater risk for children on psychiatric problems whatever their level of activity, according to a study in the UK on Tuesday (12/10).

The researchers from Bristol University surveyed more than 1,000 young children aged ten to 11 years. For more than seven days, they fill out a questionnaire that asks the intensity of the time they spent daily in front of the television or computer and answer questions that explain the state of their souls, including emotional, behavioral, and other relevant issues as a measure of behavior ( accelerometer) to monitor their physical activity.

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Myths On Pregnancy

Many of the myths that circulate about the pregnancy makes a lot of pregnant women are afraid to act. Here are the myths that usually circulate among women:

1. Pregnant women suffered stress is bad for the developing fetus
A study found that women who experience stress during pregnancy had children with a good motor movement and rapid mental development.

2. Pregnant women are not allowed to exercise
Sports that do pregnant women will have an effect both for his body. Sports will facilitate the delivery process and educate the fetal brain.

3. Pregnant women must avoiding seafood contaminated with mercury to prevent fetal
Seafood that is free of pollution free and rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are good for fetal brain development. Pregnant women who regularly consume seafood will have a child who has a high IQ and motor skills are good.

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“Ba-Ba-Ba”, And Baby Learn Language

Although you do not really understand baby babble (babbling), but whether or not your baby’s babbling active can be a foundation for later language development. If the first 6 months he seemed quiet, parents should begin to be wary.

In general, since the age of 4 months the baby had begun to produce repeated syllables like “ba-ba-ba” or “da-da-da”. If a baby is not babbling, it could be there is something disturbing stage of its development.

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Mom Stressed … Asthma Attacks Children

A mother’s mental condition significantly affect the health of their children. Japanese study shows, mothers who easily depression and stress will increase the risk of asthma in their children.

“We suggest parents to control their emotions and to maintain the behavior in front of their children,” said June Nagano, researchers from the Institute of Medical Sciences Kyushu University in Kyushu, Japan, on Thursday (10 / 7).

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