Eating peanuts during pregnancy …

Children whose mothers ate nuts during pregnancy possible increases the risk of peanut allergy. But investigators rejected that recommendation because the study was not entirely clear.

“The results of these studies have been killed from both sides,” said Dr. Scott. H. Sicherer, one of the researchers from Mount Snai School of Medicine in New York City.

In their research, Sicherer and colleagues studied at five sites in several countries involving 500 infants aged 3 to 15 months who are allergic to milk and eggs, but not found on peanut allergy.

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Test To Learn Baby Gender

A new test that can tell the sex of the baby even when the fetus was only 7 weeks already available in some countries. This method is known to be more effective when compared with tests using ultrasound scans.

As quoted from Medindia, this test works by detecting the presence of Y chromosome contained in the mother’s blood, these tests can be performed even after 7 weeks of conception occurs. According to experts, the early to know the sex of the fetus, would better predict the illnesses suffered by infants in the womb.

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Free Baby from Hidden Toxins

At an early age, as far as possible minimize exposure to your baby from hazardous chemical substances. But keep in mind poison can also be hidden in furniture or plastic goods.

BPA in bottles
Milk bottles, plastic cups and other feeding equipment may contain bisphenol-A (BPA), which makes plastic look clear and anti-burst. BPA can cause birth defects, abnormal genital formation, and early puberty. Glass bottles do not contain harmful chemicals. If you prefer to use plastic, choose one that is free of BPA.

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getting twins is easy

Having twins does lead to feelings of pleasure in itself, therefore not infrequently many couples who want to have twins.

Reasons have twins diverse, ranging from do not want to experience pregnancy process many times until the reasons for difficulty getting pregnant. But clearly, the number of twins born annually has increased.

Especially if the couples do IVF, the chances get  twins higher because the embryos are implanted more than 1.

Anything that makes women more easily have twins?

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Will my Baby Sleep overnight at 5 Months of age ?

Sleep deprivation is a common complaint of parents had just had a baby because her baby would not sleep tonight. Now a study shows that the baby will start sleeping peacefully through the night after the age of 5 months.

The study, led by Dr Jacqueline Henderson from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, said that parents could realistically expect to have periods of uninterrupted sleep after 5-month-old baby.

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5 Baby Sleep Habits

Seeing the baby to sleep can be a soothing sight, but not all baby can sleep soundly. Some babies have a habit or disorder in his sleep.

For new parents some time baby sleep habits, such as to moan, groan or kicking can certainly be confusing. However, this behavior is generally not dangerous.

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Eating Meat Affect Early Puberty

Research shows girls who eat lots of meat will reach puberty earlier than those who ate less meat.

The study was done by researchers from the University of Brighton. research results published in the journal “Public Health Nutrition,” as quoted from Natural News. The researchers surveyed more than 3,000 girls from birth. They analyzed the diets of girls since the age of three, seven and ten years. At the age of 12 years and eight months, they were compared with diets that girls are menstruating by those who have not.

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Pregnant Woman does not need Special Feeding

Pregnant women do not need special feeding. For a variety of vitamins and minerals needed by the fetus can be obtained from natural sources, namely food.

The most important is the food consumed by pregnant women contain many vitamins and minerals needed.

By keeping your diet alone is enough to nourish the fetus.  For example, folic acid needed by the fetus can be obtained from foods like green vegetables, nuts, grains, meat, and fruit.

Thus the special milk consumption pregnancy did not have to.

The physical condition of the mother was also decisive. If the mother is overweight, instead of milk intake should be limited. Better to keep the physical condition and the fetus through diet alone.


Woman with Blood type O may have more Difficulties to get Pregnant?

A study conducted by researchers at Albert Einstein University found that women who have blood type O are more difficult to get pregnant.

As quoted from the Telegraph, those with blood group O produce fewer egg quality is not so good when compared with women who have blood type A. Women with blood type O also has a level of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) high which will cause disruption to the quality and quantity of eggs.

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Tips for Preventing Obesity in Children

Every mother must crave a healthy child. But not every mother knows the secret to staying healthy child. Lack of activity, combined with unwise food choices, cause obesity in children.

Nearly a third of American children are overweight. Research conducted by the Weight Watchers show that the solution is to not apply to your child’s diet, but rather focus on a healthier lifestyle. Here are important tips for your children grow up healthy:

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