New Formula to prolong life ?

Human effort to obtain better quality of life and longevity will never-ending. Scientists in Europe have even found a potion to prolong life. At least, it claimed success ingredients tested on mice in the laboratory.

Although the new phase of successful trials on mice, scientists were convinced that the herb would be beneficial to humans, especially those who suffer from illness and old age.

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Who is Control the Brain?

Every part of body regulated by the brain because it functions as a central coordination, intelligence and a place to store all forms of memory. Who would dare to regulate the brain?

It turned out that fat cells that regulates the brain. Fat cells to the brain sends messages to each other and have some kind of role. Millions of messages back and forth in this process.

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Children with egg allergy safe to Flu vaccine

Allergy Test (Anthea Sievekin, Wellcome Images)

Children who suffer from food allergies declared safe to get a flu vaccine during preventive action. This was stated by a team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, United States, because many parents are concerned with the security of flu vaccines that contain egg. In the United States is currently estimated 3 percent of children suffer from egg allergies.

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He lost 95 Kilogram with Chocolate Diet

Thumbs up to Peter Ajello. Men from Florida, United States, he success to realize his dreams down almost 95 pounds of weight  thanks to a diet of dark chocolate

Peter, who had body fat and morbid obesity category, managed to streamline his body in just 16 months. Strong determination in diet program has helped him from the threat of death from diabetes and gout panyakit who attacked his leg.

Previously, Peter has a weight of about 203 pounds and routinely consumes 24,000 calories a day, or almost 1,000 calories per hour! A healthy man requires only an average of only 2500 calories per day to maintain ideal weight.

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3D movie making headaches


Three-dimensional technology allows a movie to be a real spectacle in front of the eye. But despite the success spoil the imagination, the films with the technology of three dimensional (3D), which is usually combined with computer animation these cause health side effects for the audience.

Not a few 3D movie viewers who complained of the  headaches, nausea, blurred vision and other symptoms caused by the image on the cinema screen. According to experts, the culprit is the images in the film caused the eye movements are not natural.

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HIV care for pregnant women in poor countries

Pregnant Mother

More than half of HIV-infected pregnant women in poor countries receive important AIDS drug to protect their children that not yet born last year.

World Health Organization report, it was done as an improvement in the global fight against HIV. As many as 15% of infected pregnant women have access to get the therapy five years ago. This is an important leap in the effort to eliminate the transmission of HIV from mother to infant in 2015.

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World’s Most Fat …

United States not only dominate the world economy. Yet it also holds rank as the country with the fattest population in the world.

The report released by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said the increasing rates of obesity, making the U.S. as the highest state to the problem in body weight, where more than two-thirds of its population overweight.

Even more alarming, the problem of obesity in the United States was not limited to adults. The U.S. also has the highest obesity rate for children, among developed countries.

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Mystery of Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Guillain-Barré syndrome or SGB is often also called acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP). Or in another language, an acute inflammation that causes damage to nerve cells, which is not clear why.

The disease can affect anyone. No one can predict its arrival, the progress, until the level of severity. Never happened, neurologist had died of disease in this syndrome.

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Breastfeeding Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

There is good news for those of you mothers who breastfeed your baby. Based on research, nursing mothers the possibility of type 2 diabetes later in life is lower than mothers who did not breastfeed.

Scientists say that breastfeeding helps convert fat left around the abdomen after giving birth, one of the factors that cause disease.

They believe that the decline in breastfeeding rates in the western world could help explain the explosion of type 2 diabetes among middle-aged women. The results published in the American Journal of Medicine, Saturday (28 / 8). The study involved 2333 women aged 40-78.

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