Botox injections Treat Migraine

Botox injections can treat chronic migraine. Supervisory Agency U.S. Food and drug Administration (FDA) has issued a statement confirming this.

After the recognition of the FDA that Botox can be an alternative in the treatment process and blefaropasme stabismus, two eye muscle disorders, Botox is now officially be one way of treatment in patients with migraine.

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1 Billion World Population suffer Tropical Diseases

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one billion poor people in the world who suffer from neglected tropical diseases like dengue fever, rabies and leprosy.

The disease is concentrated in remote rural areas and urban slums, although most have tried to be destroyed in other parts of the world. WHO said substantially to these figures can be reduced through the help of drug donations from the pharmaceutical industry.

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Early Autism Detection by MRI

Autism is a condition of a person from birth or during infancy, which makes him unable to form social relationships or have their own world. Autism is usually very difficult to detect when a child is still very early. However, Utah State University revealed, autism in children can be traced at an early age with MRI imaging.

Magnetic resonance imaging, or commonly known as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) was originally called NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). The focus of patients already diagnosed with autism, researchers used MRI to find parts of the brain can not communicate well. Researchers reveal that this is called hot spots, center for motor function, attention, face recognition and social behavior – the kind of abnormal behavior in people with autism.

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TVs and Computers Affect Child Psycho

For more than two hours a day watching television or playing “video games” on a computer can give a greater risk for children on psychiatric problems whatever their level of activity, according to a study in the UK on Tuesday (12/10).

The researchers from Bristol University surveyed more than 1,000 young children aged ten to 11 years. For more than seven days, they fill out a questionnaire that asks the intensity of the time they spent daily in front of the television or computer and answer questions that explain the state of their souls, including emotional, behavioral, and other relevant issues as a measure of behavior ( accelerometer) to monitor their physical activity.

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Triclosan Make Bacteria Immune

Oral hygiene is very important to support dental health and heart. But you should be careful in choosing antibacterial toothpaste because the content contained in these teeth cleaning products can actually cause bacteria increasingly resistant to drugs.

Scientific Committee for European product safety (SCCS) recently asked its citizens to be careful of antibacterial products that are often added to toothpaste, such as triclosan. According to them, triclosan actually increased the spread of bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Therefore SCCS said required a review back to the security of triclosan, which is also widely used in hand-washing soap products and cosmetics.

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Getting older… increasingly rare laugh ?

Laughter is an expression of happiness. In addition to making us more relaxed, laughing also believed to have the power to heal. But, did you know that the more we old, we increasingly rare laugh?

“Every age has a scale period laughed to himself. The age of the most rare laugh was at the age of the 50’s,” said Dr Lesley Harbidge, researchers from the University of Glamorgan, UK.

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Mom Stressed … Asthma Attacks Children

A mother’s mental condition significantly affect the health of their children. Japanese study shows, mothers who easily depression and stress will increase the risk of asthma in their children.

“We suggest parents to control their emotions and to maintain the behavior in front of their children,” said June Nagano, researchers from the Institute of Medical Sciences Kyushu University in Kyushu, Japan, on Thursday (10 / 7).

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Why Deaf person have the capability of other senses sharper?

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses of each, as well as people suffering from hearing loss deaf alias. Deaf person usually have the capability of other senses sharper than people with normal hearing. Why so?

People who experience hearing loss will have the ability in other senses are sharper, usually in the sense of vision. However, as long as there is no explanation how it happened.

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fast food

Myth and Facts about Cholesterol

A lot of myths circulating among the public about cholesterol. The lack of true understanding can lead to misinformation about cholesterol and symptoms. Therefore, it is important to straighten the myths that have long circulated in the community for cholesterol symptoms can be avoided with more careful and precise.
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