Chicken Soup Around The World

Chicken Soup Around The World

Chicken soup is a beloved favorite. Cultures from around the globe all have their own unique version of this classic soup. Learn about the different varieties and discover how versatile chicken soup can be.

Norway – In Norway, they make chicken soup with a tangy flavor. In addition to the basics (including carrots, onions, chicken and chicken broth) they add apples, leeks and parsnips.

Kenya – The Kenyans really add flavor and spices to their chicken soup. If you are interested in enjoying a hearty and spicy dish, try this chicken soup. It contains peanuts, eggplant, curry powder, squash, okra, potatoes and lime juice.

Armenia – In Armenia you’d add yogurt, mint, zucchini, egg and rice to your traditional chicken soup recipe.

Germany – You may not be surprised to learn that in Germany they add sausage to their chicken soup, garlic sausage to be exact. They also add cabbage and potatoes. It’s a hearty chicken soup that they serve in Germany!

West Indies – This version often includes kidney beans, Gouda cheese, and pumpkin. It’s seasoned with coriander, caraway, garlic and onions.

Thailand – Thai chicken soup is warming, spicy, and delicious. It usually contains coconut milk, lime juice, fish sauce, eggplant, cilantro, basil and quite a few hot peppers (usually Serrano peppers, but jalapeno can be used instead).

Italy – Tuscan chicken soup has cannellini beans, mushrooms, bacon, spinach, butternut squash and of course a healthy amount of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Japan – In Japan one of the biggest differences is the noodles they use in their soup. You’ll likely find Udon noodles in your Japanese chicken soup. They also often add mushrooms, ginger, sake, soy sauce, and star anise.

Morocco – Moroccan chicken soup generally contains cinnamon, cumin, butternut squash, basil, orange rind, zucchini, and couscous.

Greece – In Greece they have a special name for one of their favorite traditional chicken soups. It’s called Avgolemono. It contains rice, lemon juice, egg, parsley, and basil. The egg is beaten to give the soup a creamy texture.

Mexico – Chicken Posole is a traditional Mexican chicken soup. It has hominy, which is dried maize that’s been treated with an alkali – usually lime or lye. It also contains tomatillos, lime juice, chili powder, cumin, and radishes. It’s often garnished with chopped cilantro.

If you love chicken soup, why not take a trip around the world? Experience traditional chicken soups from a variety of cultures and gain an appreciation for the diverse nature of this hearty and healthy soup.


In vitro fertilisation influenced by season ?

Successful or unsuccessful attempts at artificial insemination fertilization or in vitro fertilisation also influenced by season. In the spring season, the chances of conception greater than in other seasons.

Scientists have long known that birth rates naturally tend to increase in certain seasons. However, never known for sure what causes it, was limited to allegations that the temperature or the temperature affects the chances of conception.

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Hollywood Artificial Ears

A 14-year-old girl get plastic surgery treatments a la Hollywood celebrity in his right ear. A girl named Elise Lutz was suffering from burns caused when he was scalded toddler.

As reported by the Associated Press, Lutz, who liked to swim has tried all ways to help cover the burn. Starting from the cover with her hair up to try a variety of artificial ears affixed using glue.

Finally, adoptive parents Lutz met Jerry Schoendorf, surgeon who frequently deal with Hollywood celebrities. The surgeon from North Carolina will offer a painless solution called anaplastology.

Anaplastology allows Lutz to have ears that look similar to the native ear. Even the ears are made of silicone ear shine like the original under the sun exposure. “Those who have the implants will not be aware if they have them. This is the luxury equivalent of Rolls Royce,” said Jerry Schoendorf, anaplastology experts at The Anaplastology Clinic.


Overweight Daddy Tends to Have a Little Baby

Researchers from Auckland University found that a father who are overweight tend to have small babies. Similarly, the New Zealand media reported.

The findings, published in the journal Obesity, is derived from a study involving more than two thousand couples in Auckland and Adelaide, Australia. Babies born smaller tend to develop complications after birth.

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marijuana Can be Purchased as drugs in …

Cannabis, or marijuana (Cannabis sativa) has been used as a drug by humans for thousands of years. But since the 20th century this plant is classified as an illegal drug by many countries, including Indonesia. In the last two decades, there has been pressure to legalize marijuana, especially for medical purposes.

Early December 2010, the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, issued a decision will be sold in the market marijuana as a medicine for patients with severe disease. The move followed the 14 states in the United States who had already been legalized marijuana as medicine.

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Beware of Food and Drug Products

Health and safety is the most important issues facing parents. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has pulled back some food products such as eggs, cheese, and others that are proven to harm the health of consumers.

FDA finds evidence of pollution on salmon that have been contaminated with the bacteria listeria monocytogenes. Several types of cheese have also been shown to contain E. coli and listeria bacteria.

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European Union Bans Use of mephedrone

A total of 27 EU member states currently have imposed a ban on the use of drugs mephedrone the same effect as ecstasy pills. Similarly, the European Commission’s announcement as reported by Xinhua Beritya Office, recently.

Minister of Justice of the European Union agreed to prohibit the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals mephedrone that is still legal in 12 countries of the European Union. The drug is sold over the Internet by using the names of plants.

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Japanese Create Platelets from Stem Cells

Japanese researchers successfully created platelets by inducing stem cells are pluripotent, or iPS cells. As reported by the Japanese news agency NHK, researchers from the University of Tokyo makes platelets by injecting the protein into the iPS cells derived from human skin tissue.

Professor Hiromitsu Nakauchi, one researcher said the mass production of platelets may help offset the shortage of blood donors. The researchers hope this breakthrough will help the shortage of blood platelets or platelets from donated blood.

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Blood from Human Skin?

Lack of blood supply makes the scientists thinking to be able to convert human skin cells into blood. With this latest technology, people who need blood transfusions can get blood from their own skin cells.

Researchers in Canada took major steps to be able to convert adult human skin cells directly into the blood. These findings may provide a source of blood that is necessary not only for surgical or cancer patients, but also patients suffering from blood disorders such as anemia.

This new method looks more promising than previous methods that alter blood from stem cells embryonic.

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