Kissing is Good for Dental Health

Kissing can transmit the disease, but there are also benefits. Many studies have shown that kissing has a good effect on health. Not only relieve stress and burn calories, a kiss is also believed to prevent tooth decay, including cavities.

Is this true? Although brushing the teeth regularly is the best way to maintain dental health, some studies also found that kissing is actually good for health, particularly dental health, as reported by cosmeticdentistryguide..

The key is found in saliva. Saliva is a natural protector. When the secretion of and contact with the teeth, saliva will neutralize the acid that will be formed from food particles in the mouth and between teeth. These acids are potentially harmful tooth enamel. Saliva also contains compounds that kill bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria left on the teeth will damage tooth enamel and cause cavities.

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Wear Stocking, Ways to ward off varicose

Most women would panic if they found streaks of blue around the thigh or calf. Varicose veins are concerned, besides damaging the mood may also worsen the appearance.

Varicose veins are enlarged cavity abnormal veins (venous) pressure caused by backflow of blood that flows in it.
Varicose veins occur along the leg thigh to calf and foot.

Based on numerous studies conducted by some experts, using a stocking on a regular basis can reduce the risk of varicose veins in women up to 80 percent. Really?

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Solutions for Body Odor

When the weather is hot, one of the problems faced by most people is the smell of body odor. Some people sometimes do not realize that their bodies release the aroma. Choose the wrong food can trigger this. What’s the solution?

Perhaps you are unaware that it was pleasant aroma coming from his own body. Naturally, since you have been accustomed to the scent.

The initial steps should be done is to maintain cleanliness. Change clothes when you feel sticky or start a pleasant aroma arose. Freshener body spray regularly and do not forget to shower. Bathing in a while can help you focus more cleaned up.

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Women Lips have thousand Secrets

Is there a relationship between the lips with a person’s sexual sensitivity? News reported by The Sun, might be the answer to your curiosity.

Everyone would admit that the shape of the lips is very important and become a major weapon in some form of relationship. A study revealed that women with the form of the upper lip and pointed in the middle terkulum be craving the opposite sex. Lips as it is called as an arrow romance. Research by the University of Scotland found that the shape of an arrow lip romance, passion has a 12-fold higher than the flat-lipped women.

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Choose Swim, Bike, or Jogging?

Improving fitness can certainly be done without having to provide a variety of strange equipment. Three sports activities of a general nature, ie jogging, swimming, and cycling, is a three-sport activities which could obviously increase fitness because it is aerobic exercise.

Among the three, swimming is a sport that most small risk of getting injured. Except for swimming pool facilities are needed, two other activities is very easy to do. The so constraint is to maintain discipline.

To swim, besides improving fitness for those who do not have physical disorders, sports are also beneficial for those who have physical barriers.

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Tips to Overcome Pain After Shaving

Shaving activities seem only to men, but women also need a shave to remove the hairs that interfere with performance. Because wax takes a long time and cost you a bit, until recently shaved still a practical solution to eliminate her legs, arms, underarms and other feathers.

You are certainly shave often experience pain in the skin after each shave. Some say it is normal because the razor on the skin, but that does not mean it can not be avoided and treated. Here is the solution.

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Smartphones Sacrifice Eyes

Read short messages or surfing the Internet via cell phone smart tend to force their eyes to work harder than when reading books or newspapers.

The study involved 130 volunteers, average age 23.3 years, how they hold the phone while reading a short message. Then, another 100 volunteers, average age 24.9 years studied while they read the pages.

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Dangers of Wearing a Too Tight Bra …

Bra is the most important items for The Eve to keep the beauty of the breast. Bra size must be adjusted to body shape and breasts. If you use too tight a bra can actually damage the health of an increased risk of breast cancer. It was based on research conducted by Harvard University, USA.

Use of the bra is too tight will inhibit blood circulation and damage the breast tissue. This resulted in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells inhibited breast so that toxins trapped in it. The researchers warned of high risk of breast cancer occur in women who use the bra is too tight for 12 hours, especially those who sleep wearing a bra.

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4 things that will make your morning more excited

Reporting from Fit Sugar, following four steps can be taken to encourage your morning.

1. Exercise for 5 minutes.
Try doing yoga for several minutes. In addition to more relaxed, the muscles are tense after sleep can also more tense. Based on the results of the study, exercise in the morning is the key to burning calories is the best. Exercise also makes you more excited everyday routine.

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Myths About Drinking Water

Various myths about drinking water that circulated widely was not entirely correct.  Let’s see explanation below.

1. It takes eight glasses per day to meet the water needs of a person.
Fact: It takes 13 glasses per day or three liters of water, to meet the water needs of a man. While women need nine cups or 2.2 liters per day. But that measure can not be used as the standard for some cases. If the activity is increasing, then the amount of water required will also increase.

To detect whether you have enough to drink, you need only look at the color of urine. Hydration research leader at the University of Connecticut, Douglas Casa, said that if your urine bright yellow like a liquid lemon, it means you have enough water content in the body. If the cloudy and darker color, it means you have to get a drink to prevent dehydration.

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