Fat inborn not necessarily Obesity

Nutritionists and doctors have repeatedly reminded many of us who have congenital or obese body weight increased from birth. Do not worry, those with body weight as it does look fatter as a result of DNA, does not mean obesity.

According to a study by the University of Cambridge, England, against 220 thousand people from around the world. The result, although the respondents attempted to lose weight by any means, but they still look fat. The women with body types like that think that they are powerless against their weight.

But obese people with type congenital quickly once it was experiencing weight gain to 69 percent if he is not much moving or controlling their food intake. Researchers advocate for that kind of person should perform physical activity in order to obtain a stable body weight.

Conversely, for some can eat anything, without worrying about body weight gain. In fact, people like that just given a thin body. It turned out that thin people have the genes of chromosome too many so they have a body like that.



Alcoholics women experience more fast brain damage

Women alcoholics suffer from brain damage more quickly than those who did not. In alcoholic women, part of the brain that control mood and urge to sleep will be affected liquor.

According to researchers from Gothenburg University, due to alcohol addicted, women experienced a 50 percent reduction in sorotinin on their brain function. This was after four years of habit made. While in men with the same amount of damage seen after 12 years addicted.

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Aged Long key secret

Here it is the key to longevity. If you want to live longer, the key is to minimize stress, marriage, and consume a glass of wine every night.

According to research from the University of Oregon, United States, recently, those who have a longer life is a couple who consume wine. Conversely, those who do not eat them tend to be much shorter-lived.

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Types of Brain Determining the Appropriate Type of Diet

Have you ever wondered why someone else could easily go on a diet to lose weight while you fought hard and ended with a sense of frustration caused by failed diets?

It’s easy to blame your yagn busy schedule, hormonal problems, or you are less strong determination. But according to a recent study in the United States, the cause of the failure of such a diet could be because the food you eat during a diet does not fit with the way your brain works.

Therefore, make the right choice by identifying the type of your brain, so it can get a suitable type of diet.

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10 Minutes Prevent Osteoporosis

Bone loss can be caused by various factors. In addition to genetic or early menopause, inadequate calcium intake in the body can also cause osteoporosis. But you know, that by taking the time 10 minutes, you can prevent this disease.

Under our skin contained vitamin D. When exposed to sunlight, vitamin will be active and changed into vitamin D3, that will be useful to the bone.

Did not take long to activate vitamin D3 in the body. Just 10 minutes before the hours of 9 am and after 3 pm. Adequacy of calcium and vitamin D since the young are considered important to consider if you want to avoid osteoporosis. For age 19-50 years, the adequacy of calcium is 1000 mg per day and for vitamin D is 200 IU (International Units).

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Why Women Easily Offended?

Fluctuating hormones are often blamed to be the cause why most women are much easier to complain, grumble and irritable. In fact it’s actually the nature of genetically inherited.

Scientific research shows that women are genetically programmed to be irritable and aggressive. This is partly because women have a serotonin receptor gene, which is called the 2C gene. The good news, not all women inherit the gene.

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Women have two X kromosox (Dreamstime)

Reasons Women Over ‘Mighty’ from Men

The general opinion stating man is the most powerful gender. But one study found the opposite.

A scientific findings reveal gender is created to resist infection, cancer and bolster the immune system to fight disease. Studies show, women are more powerful immune system than men. That is why men are more prone to ‘man flu’. Scientists believe that the immune system is no better men than women. This is because the X chromosome in the weaker sex.

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Tips : Lose Weight Without Diet

Dizziness due body weight never decreases? Now, do not need to lose weight by dieting. Such small steps to reduce food portions, the selection of a friend when eating, and getting used to eating at home will make major changes in our bodies.

According to research from Cornell University in the United States, when someone uses when they eat a small plate will give the sensation of eating enough. This way your metabolism will get used to not eat the portion of the excess.

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Women Thinking about Food rather than Sex

Most women think more weight than their relationship. It shows that women more often think about food than sex. Based on a survey conducted on 1290 women in Britain, reveal, if they feel more guilty when caught violating the rules of the diet rather than having an affair.

More than a third of respondents said that they were more concerned about food and diet than on their partners. meanwhile, 54 percent of respondents said they thought more about food than sex. A quarter of women admit they think the diet is more important than their relationship. They also said more effort into carrying out activities related to body weight than their relationship with their partner.

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How Important Breast Size?

In contrast to most women who crave size and large dense breasts, Jessica Simpson, actress and singer from the United States, is rumored to actually perform breast reduction measures before her wedding day in mid-September this year.

Simpson said the surgery was intended to be her wedding dress is not too small, and by her physical appearance as a whole in the future. Simpson is known to have breast size above average.

Liked or not, the fact that most men are more attracted to women with large breast size. He is attracted to a woman’s breast size as well as women care about penis size men. Most women also feel more confident if her breasts tight and solid.

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