Importance of Exercise to Prevent Diabetes

Research has shown, one of the best ways to avoid the risk of getting diabetes is to always control your weight. This can be achieved by engaging in regular physical activity and undergo a healthy diet focused on fruits and vegetables.

Many people are lazy to exercise by reason of the rush and there was no time to spare. In fact, physical activity is very important to prevent many serious diseases and disorders of health conditions.

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Do not underestimate Mouth Odor

Do you have a problem with bad breath? No need to worry. There are effective ways to keep your oral health and keep your breath fresh and odorless.

Bad breath, called halitosis in medical terminology, arises from the buildup of bacteria that thrives in low oxygen areas, like the back of the tongue. Buildup of bacteria is usually sourced from coffee, cigarettes, food scraps, tartar, and also strongly scented foods such as onions. It will produce balance disorders mouth acid, thus producing sulfur smell the scent triggers.

Here are a powerful way to avoid the interference of bad breath:

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ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

Avocado is not causing Fat

What was thinking if serving avocado juice? There may be a welcomed and there is also holding a sense of want to taste in order to maintain his weight. So far we know that avocados contain fat which can make the body fat. It turned out that our thinking about it wrong. In fact it turns out avocados can lose weight. The facts below will explain why the avocado did not make weight to be climbed.

One surprising fact is found by a Potchefstroom Institute of Nutrision at Potchefstroom University, in his findings at the mention that the avocado can facilitate a person’s body weight reduction. This break assumtion that avocados can cause fat or gaining weight. Avocados do contain fat, even a very high fat content. But fat is “good fats” that is a monounsaturated fat called oleic common omega-9. These fats can lower bad cholesterol in our bodies.

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Fruits Good for Male Fertility

This is important for the men. Scientists in Brazil, advised the men to eat fruits and grains. The goal is to increase the likelihood of successful fertilization outside the womb.

A study revealed that a lack of nutritious foods and being overweight can lower sperm concentration. It also affects the ability of sperm to swim toward the egg. The habit of drinking alcohol can also make the quality of male fertility decline.

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Healthy Fast food meals

Despite the many proven negative side, we often can not avoid fast food. Time is the most frequently used as an excuse. The American Diabetes Association offers a rather healthy food choices, when forced to eat fast food:

  • Use common portion or portions for children only. Do not be tempted by the jumbo, super size, or luxury.
  • Select chicken meat in thin slices of roast, avoiding beef.
  • Reject extra biscuit or croissant.
  • Choose a fresh salad without heavy sauces, avoid croutons or small pieces of bread are baked, sliced ??bacon or cheese.
  • Choose pizza with thin bread and toppings without a little extra cheese.

Yawning Can Cool the Brain

Recent research concluded that yawning can help keep the brain cool. According to Gary Hack of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and Andrew Gallup, from Pinceston University, yawning was not triggered by factors boredom, fatigue, or lack of oxygen. Instead yawn help regulate brain temperature.

“The brain is very sensitive to temperature changes. Because it needs to be protected from overheating “, researchers said in a press release issued by University of Maryland Health Day edition. “The brain is like a computer, works fine when they are cold,” they said. The findings will appear in the December issue of the journal Medical Hypotheses.

According to the researchers, “During the yawn, the wall of the maxillary sinuses (located on the cheek on each side of the nose) sound like the lowing of cows and help keep the brain cool.”

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Kiwi Maintain Blood Pressure

Eating fruits, especially kiwi, is good for health. A recent study explains that consuming at least three kiwifruit a day will help you keep your blood pressure.

As quoted from the pages of The Huffington Post, from the American Heart Association study found levels of green fruit that can lower high blood pressure.

In that study, at least 118 men and women aged over 55 years of observation. The respondents generally suffer from high blood pressure.

The researcher then divided them into two groups. One takes three kiwifruit a day for eight weeks. The rest ate an apple a day for eight weeks.

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Drink While Eat inhibit Digestion Working

Eating interspersed with drinking often done to help the food ingested into the throat. Apparently it’s not good for the body because of drinking while eating can inhibit stomach digestion. Based on a study, the habit can also cause an increase in insulin that can bind more fat in the body.

Shonali Sabherwal, macrobiotic experts from India, said, “most people drink while eating. The theory is that it makes the food go down faster. But people do not know habits are bad for the body and their digestive system.”

Stomach has the ability to know when to eat and immediately begin releasing digestive juices. If you start drinking water at the same time, can erode the digestive juices that have been released to digest food. Eventually it will inhibit the digestive system works. Water consumed at meals will be absorbed by the stomach wall. This absorption will continue to happen until the digestive juices are concentrated enough to begin digesting food.

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Beware, Refrigerator Full of Harmful Bacteria

Who would have thought was a refrigerator in our house that had been considered can store food to be more durable than decay, it is dangerous to health.

Research conducted by one of the European companies find if refrigerated foods and drinks that contain lots of harmful bacteria. The result, some refrigerator compartment is believed to contain a large number of pathogens. The biggest problem it causes a lot of bacteria due to equipment connected to the boxes for fruits and vegetables.

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