Simple way to Improve Memory

With age increases usually the power of human brain works will decreases. As a result, memory will decrease or could be known as senile. Even if you lack a good lifestyle can cause syndrome of memory impairment, Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is a syndrome that is most feared by most people, because this syndrome sufferers can erase the entire memory slowly. Here are some ways to avoid syndromes that would interfere with your brain function in storing memory.

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How Potatoes Can Make Slim?

To lose weight, many people use potatoes as a source of dietary carbohydrate. How does the potato until he could make a slim body?

Potatoes are a source of antioxidants that provide many health benefits. Potatoes are complex carbohydrates that can make people satisfied without the danger of diabetes. Eating potatoes could also make slim.

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Smart way to control appetite

Controlling appetite is somewhat difficult, but it’s very possible to be done. Follow these few simple tips for the desire to eat can be better controlled and the waist was not widened:

More protein at breakfast
You will be a little more hungry and probably eat less than 267 calories throughout the day. At least that’s what happens when researchers St. Louis University to give the women who are overweight with a breakfast of 2 eggs in a scramble egg and 2 slices of toast.

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Harmful Bacteria in Your Personal Goods

Without us knowing it, harmful bacteria can be found in the things we use everyday. Tabloid The Sun, menungkapkan weirdest place where you can find the bad bacteria and what can be done to protect yourself.

Your phone
Your Mobile phone (cell phone) have more bacteria than the toilet seat, shoe soles or door handle. “The combination of treatments and the heat generated by the phones creates the main nest for all kinds of bacteria normally found in our skin,” said Joanna Verran, professor of microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Bacteria that included “staphylococcus aureus,” which can cause acne, ulcers, pneumonia and meningitis.

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Watermelon consumption Overcome Hypertension

Eating watermelon on a regular basis is known to lower blood pressure and prevent blood pressure rising again which can cause heart attacks.

Research from Florida found that the amino acid L-arginine and L-citrilline contained in watermelon fruit can increase the performance of the artery or arteries and lowering blood pressure in nine points associated with prehypertension or  where the blood pressure again rose that increase the risk of heart attack .

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Getting older… increasingly rare laugh ?

Laughter is an expression of happiness. In addition to making us more relaxed, laughing also believed to have the power to heal. But, did you know that the more we old, we increasingly rare laugh?

“Every age has a scale period laughed to himself. The age of the most rare laugh was at the age of the 50’s,” said Dr Lesley Harbidge, researchers from the University of Glamorgan, UK.

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Why People Laugh Can peed?

While sneezing or laughing, a person can involuntarily urinated or pee in pants. Probably not much, but it will be embarrassing and uncomfortable. It normal if it often happens?

Although fairly common, it does not mean peeing while laughing is a natural thing. This condition is called stress urinary incontinence, the inability to hold urine due to pressure around the bladder.

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Tea may prevent heart attacks

Not a few people who feel something is missing if you do not drink tea in the morning. This custom was beneficial to health. Recent research states, three cups of tea each day will help us reduce the threat of heart disease.

Both green tea or black tea, if drunk regularly, it is useful to prevent the accumulation of plaque in arteries. Along with fat and cholesterol, plaque is a major cause of heart attacks and strokes.

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Effect consume too much fiber

Fibrous food is highly recommended to keep the body stay slim, healthy and reduce the risk of various diseases. But excessive consumption of fiber was also harmful to the body.

Eating high fiber foods do have many benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer and breast cancer.

The experts suggest, the average adult needs about 25 grams (women) to 30 grams (men) and about 20 grams for children. But when people consume fiber to more than 45 grams per day, the fiber can actually be bad for the body.

Reporting from buzzle, Friday (10/08/2010), consume excessive fiber can cause :

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5 Important Supplements for Women

Most women do not get sufficient nutrition from food, so it requires extra vitamins. Because it is known vitamins and minerals that are important to women.

Minerals and vitamins can be obtained from healthy foods or supplements, but sometimes the women do not notice it. Whereas vitamins and minerals has an important function for the body.

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