Super Food for the Brain

Brain is an important part of the human body responsible for setting the whole body and of human thought. Therefore, it needs proper nutrition and quality to keep your brain still works fine.

By making smart food choices, we can maintain and improve brain function. Here are some smart choices to keep your brain functions remain in good condition:

* Blueberry – According to some studies, consumption of fruit Blueberry shown to protect the brain from stress, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Research also suggests that diets rich in blueberries can significantly improve learning ability and motor skills.

* Avocado – Although considered a “fruit-fat”, avocado turns contribute to maintaining healthy blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and reduce the risk of hypertension that can lead to stroke.

* Fish – Consumption of fish such as salmon is a good choice compared to freshwater fish. Because the salmon have omega-3 essential fatty acids are highly important for brain function.

* Nuts and seeds – Nuts or seeds are a source of vitamin E. Food is very important for your brain to prevent decline in cognitive function.

* Wheat bread, brown rice, and “oatmeal” – These foods also contribute to keep the brain healthy and reduce the risk of heart disease. With the increase in heart health and blood flow increases, the brain will certainly thrive. Because the oxygen that enters the brain will increase, so does the delivery of nutrients through the bloodstream.

* Green tea freshly brewed tea is also good for your brain because tea has powerful antioxidants, especially on catechines content that can encourage the flow of blood to remain healthy.

* Dark chocolate Dark chocolate, or better known as dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties and contains several natural stimulants that can increase focus and concentration. In fact, chocolate can also boost the production of endorphins which help improve mood.

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