4 things that will make your morning more excited

Reporting from Fit Sugar, following four steps can be taken to encourage your morning.

1. Exercise for 5 minutes.
Try doing yoga for several minutes. In addition to more relaxed, the muscles are tense after sleep can also more tense. Based on the results of the study, exercise in the morning is the key to burning calories is the best. Exercise also makes you more excited everyday routine.

2. Breakfast on time.
When the right time for breakfast? Based on the results of the study, the right time is immediately after you wake up from tidur.Ini done so that your metabolism can work right away. In addition, breakfast becomes ‘fuel’ of the body. Hence the consumption of foods with high protein rather than a greasy or high in carbohydrates.

3. Not delay the time you wake up.
Do not think by adding sleep time, after the alarm sounds, you’ll be more excited. Of course not. There was only you to sleep soundly and not become dizzy head. Set an alarm to your liking. Make sure awake when the alarm sounds, do not procrastinate.

4. Listen to favorite music.
Playback your favorite music during the preparing activity. That way, you’ll get more energy to get out of a dream.

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