Chewing food 40 times can Reduce Weight

Chewing food longer will help you lose weight. This is suggested by scientists. According to them, eating it significantly reduces the number of calories we consume each meal.

Quoted from Daily Mail, investigators from Harbin Medical University, China, perform two types of research on 16 lean men and 14 men with obesity. They wanted to examine whether there are differences in the habit of chewing on these two groups of men.

Each person is given pork pie. Then recorded with hidden cameras to examine how many times they chew before swallowing the food. The first result is obese men chew as much as men slim, but they swallow food much faster.

Then the research was resumed, the two groups were again given the condition chew pork pies as much as 15 times and then swallow it. After that, they are given the cake again and chew as much as 40 times.

The result is when the volunteers chewing longer, they consume 11.9 percent fewer calories, regardless of whether they were lean or obese. A blood test taken 90 minutes after ingestion of food. From there it also known that by chewing more, ghrelin levels were lower. Ghrelin is a hormone that sends hunger signals to the digestive system.

Catherine Collins, dietician at St. George’s Hospital, London, said: “When chewing longer, we will pay more attention to taste, smell, texture that has been made ??aware of how much to eat.”

He added that, unlike when swallow food quickly, we are not aware of having eaten so much. Finally, 10 minutes later, the hunger was coming back.

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