Myths About Drinking Water

Various myths about drinking water that circulated widely was not entirely correct.  Let’s see explanation below.

1. It takes eight glasses per day to meet the water needs of a person.
Fact: It takes 13 glasses per day or three liters of water, to meet the water needs of a man. While women need nine cups or 2.2 liters per day. But that measure can not be used as the standard for some cases. If the activity is increasing, then the amount of water required will also increase.

To detect whether you have enough to drink, you need only look at the color of urine. Hydration research leader at the University of Connecticut, Douglas Casa, said that if your urine bright yellow like a liquid lemon, it means you have enough water content in the body. If the cloudy and darker color, it means you have to get a drink to prevent dehydration.

2. Coffee and tea making dehydration.
Fact: although caffeine speed up the process of excretion, but drinking coffee and tea will not make your body dehydrated. Water used to brew tea or coffee will remain in the body and works just like ordinary water.

3. More and more drink the more healthy body.
Fact: too much drinking will lead to hyponatremia. Hyponatremia is a condition in which excess water accumulates in the body at higher levels than can be issued. As a result, the patient will experience confusion, disorientation, nausea, seizures, even death.

4. Drinking water can help a diet program.
Fact: drinking water is not going to decrease your appetite. But replacing calorie sweet drinks with water is the smart choice for those who were trying to lose weight.

5. Drinking lots of water can prevent wrinkles,
Fact: skin condition not only affected by how much water we drink. It is also influenced by the use of skin care products. So, drink plenty of water will not prevent the arrival of wrinkles.

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