Human umbilical, Home to thousands of Bacteria

Research experts from the University of North Carolina, United States, recently, shows the human navel is a haven for thousands of bacteria. The researchers found there were more than 1,400 types of bacteria from 95 samples taken from a human navel.

Even stranger, a third of the total bacteria can not be classified or not clear its kind. One is Georgina. These bacteria are usually only stay on the ground and can be found in Japan. “This is really new information to science,” said study leader, Jiri Hulcr.

Research team member, Carl Zimmer, is also surprised by the results of research that one sample was taken from his navel. “There are 53 bacteria that inhabit my belly button. Some strange species, like Marimonas in my belly button. Marimonas Bacteria can only be found in the ocean,” said Zimmer

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