Arthritis threatening the wearer of high heels

Women who like wearing high heels are at risk for arthritis. This type of shoe can increase the pressure on the ankle and knee joints. Experts say women who use high-heeled shoes may be susceptible to arthritis.

Britain is currently facing a “crisis of arthritis” among women, as quoted from the pages of the BBC. In this country, some eight million people are now experiencing pain and stiffness in their joints. This condition is more experienced by women.

A poll of 2,000 women in Britain found that a quarter of them often wear high heels every day. Experts also warn that high heels can change your posture and increase pressure on the ankle, foot and knee joints. This increases the risk of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is caused by stress on the cartilage. Joint injuries due to not getting enough lubrication.

Professor Anthony Redmond, a researcher and experts say the disease arthritis arthritis can occur at any age, not only when a person becomes older. He said also, there are some simple ways to prevent it. “Choosing the right footwear will help to reduce stress on legs and joints during their daily activities. It can also help reduce the risk of injury and damage to joints,” he said.

“For everyday shoes, choose round-toed shoes with high heels no more than 2-3cm (one inch),” he said. He also said that some form of arthritis is beginning to be felt first in the leg. As early treatment is needed.

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