The importance of “afterplay” After Sex

Satisfaction, a sense of relaxation and comfort that is felt after orgasm is often cause drowsiness. But you should not rush to close the eyes after having sex because this is the best moment to express love and attention on the couple.

“After sex hormone oxytocin is associated with a sense of attachment to each other will increase, so this is the right time to strengthen relationships with partners,” said Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

The need for attention and an expression of love from your partner after sex activity will be further increased when the pregnant woman. Therefore, according to Kruger, the husbands whose wives are pregnant should pay more attention to these needs for long-term emotional bonding.

The importance of regular activity after sex or also called this afterplay investigated by Kruger on 450 heterosexual couples in the U.S. that the average age of 20 years. Those who do not immediately fall asleep after sex say they want more frequent communication and want afterplay activity and a stronger bond with their partner.

It was not just women who want a bonding with a partner, men also expect the same thing. “Men are also concerned about the permanence of the relationship and want to make their partner happy,” he said.

There are many activities undertaken as afterplay, such as each other’s arms, gently kissing, caressing, shared bath, massage, or speak from heart to heart as he did not forget to say “I love you“.

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