9 Men Mistakes in sex

When you want to have sex with your spouse, the last thing you want is your partner enjoy the game in bed. However, some men just do not have much attention. Here are nine mistakes to be avoided by men in order to satisfy your partner:

1. No Kissing. Believe it or not, many men often do not kiss their partners in the middle of lovemaking. And, this is the biggest mistake that should be avoided. From now on, you should try to take the time to kiss your partner.

2. Bite before your partner ready. Many women like and enjoy a man who bit aggressive, but if you bite excessively on the body before your partner is fully aroused will cause a sense of hurt and discomfort. Reassure your spouse already aroused before you bite the nipples, neck, or other body parts.

3. No Focus in Love. If you are having sex with your partner, you should not do anything else that could be breaking your concentration. Try with a focus on pampering the entire body, in addition to breast and vagina.

4. Suppress Your partner. It is considered normal if you are ‘crazy’ in bed. However, if you are on top of her, you must be careful not to impose your weight to your partner’s body. This can cause shortness of breath are considered to interfere with sexual activity.

5. Ejaculation Too Early or Too Old. You should be able to control the well when it’s time to ejaculate. Too fast will cause dissatisfaction, prolonged fatigue also makes your partner. If you can not control and premature ejaculating, you should spend more time in the foreplay.

6. No Telling When will ejaculate. If you will soon be ejaculating either outside or inside the vagina, you should have to tell your partner before. In simple words ‘I’m going out’ that’s enough. Your spouse has the right idea for this.

7. Doing Sex Porn Movies Style. Although some couples enjoy sex naughty and hot like in porn, you should not treat your partner like a porn star. If you force your partner like it before knowing the sex you’ll end up disappointing.

8. Passive. You definitely want to hear your partner while enjoying every second of the process of lovemaking. So, should you respect her and started talking a little bit naughty. No need to talk long, a little sigh or speak ‘It feels so good’ can make your partner happy.

9. Rushing or Too Fast. Sometimes men like this men when having sex with a style that is quite a hurry, but for women this would make them unable to enjoy it. Instead, you set the tempo of your lovemaking with a sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

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