Apples as cholesterol-lowering

A recent study in the United States show that apples can help lower bad cholesterol and help you lose weight.

In a study for a year of 160 postmenopausal women who regularly eat apples, it turns out their bodies more healthy. The respondents were divided into two groups, namely eating fresh apples and eating apples that have been dried.

After regularly eating fresh apples for 6 months, levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), they fell to 23 percent. At the same time, levels of good cholesterol (HDL) rose to 4 percent.

Meanwhile, women from the group of dried apple eater mengasup about 75 grams per day, their weight on average reduced. C-reactive protein levels (markers of inflammation in the body) and heart disease risk marker also fell.

Scientists from Florida State University explains, apples contain pectin which increases the body’s ability to metabolize fat. Apples are also rich in polyphenols that inhibit the production of inflammatory molecules.

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