Delaying Aging Hair Tricks

You can not stop the aging process in the hair. However, at least you can put it off. Here are 13 tricks to delay the aging of the hair:

1. Keeping the hair sheen
To keep the sheen of the hair can last longer, simply mix two drops of orange essential oil or wine into the conditioner which is used after doing the hair dye.

2. Bye-bye frizz
Reduce the direct contact of hair from heat exposure or  hair dryer that uses ionic technology. Tourmaline, a stone which is used to generate negative ions that will make the hair becomes more dry.

3. Instant facelift
Tricks again, namely add bangs on the model of our hair. Bangs will hide the wrinkles on the forehead and lead people to focus on our eyes than the wrinkles on the edge of the eyes (crow `s feet). For a round face, give bangs long layers and sideways until the end of the cheekbone. Face boxes also need long bangs sideways angle that will refine our faces. As for the long-faced flat bangs above the eyebrows will make the face look more full.

4. Clean hair gently
No need to scrub, just use your fingertips to cleanse the scalp. Comb your hair using a large-toothed comb before it is rinsed, after applying kondisoner.

5. Do not be too extreme
Choose the maximum dye two levels above the original color of our hair, when do the painting yourself at home.

6. Simply tip it
This trick will prevent hair roots too fall, because it has a limp hair will make us look older.

7. Point the hairdryer down
Point the hairdryer heat down and make sure it always is above the comb when styling your hair. This step will help close the hair cuticle and improve sheen.

8. Shoulders as a benchmark
Maintaining long hair will make you look older. Long hair will also make our crown looks looks much thinner. Cut the hair with age pruned shorter.

9. Simply wash the scalp alone
Simply wash it in the scalp just as this is where most of the accumulation of dirt. In addition, without rinsing too much to clean the remaining hair.

10. Add layer
Providing a touch screen on the haircut will create the impression of thickness and bounce. Hair model is capable of turning people’s attention from wrinkles and black spots on the face.

11. Cover gray hair with make-up
Cover hair with a white or gray hair mascara or liquid eyeliner application to cover some gray hair in sight. This method can be adapted to your hair color.

12. Fortify hair from the sun
Do not be too often exposed to direct sunlight. Exposure to ultraviolet light will make the hair become dry, dull and easily broken. Get used to wearing cover, if you plan to do outdoor activities.

13. Do not shampoo too often
Simply shampooing every other day. Because, more often we wash it, the faster the hair color will also fade.

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