Study: Women Apparently Vulnerable Sick

A study says, women will feel the pain more acutely than men.

Researchers from London and Japan under the supervision Kuazim Aziz, Professor Wingate Institute for neurogastroenterology explain if a woman suffering from pain will feel more severe than in men.

Research carried out based on observations on brain activity and reaction of 16 men and 16 women who are in a state have experienced pain or expect already experiencing pain.

The volunteers were told that the small ball will be inserted into their esophagus, and will gradually increase in size. Before the procedure, women are not afraid.

All their efforts are focused on action plans that will help them prevent pain. But people who really anticipating pain trapped by circumstances.

This situation, however, changed during the trial of people start thinking about how to prevent pain, and the women gave way to emotion and began to feel the pain more acute.

Brain scans have shown that women respond more acute pain than men. But the reaction of the stronger parts of the human race is concentrated in segments of their brains involved in preventing illness, and it allows them to more easily overcome the inconveniences.

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