Cannabis will be Use to Treat Epilepsy

Bad image of marijuana as a plant that is often misused will soon change in the near future. British scientists have proved that this plant could treat epilepsy and now is preparing clinical trials in humans.

Dr Ben Whalley, drugs researchers from the University of Reading recently proved some compounds in cannabis plants to effectively relieve the electric prod is happening in the brain. The electric prod is the trigger seizures in people with epilepsy.

Compounds in question include cannabidiol, one of the cannabis content that users create can be drunk. In treating epilepsy, cannabidiol is assisted by another compound in cannabis plants whose names are GWP42006.

Preclinical Tests on animals have shown, both compounds are very effective and safe to relieve electric prod-trigger seizures. To determine the appropriate therapeutic dose for humans, in the near Dr Whalley and his team will conduct clinical trials.

If successful, the results of this study will slightly change the image of marijuana that had been bad. Than originally synonymous with crime and abuse into plants that are beneficial to the development of pharmaceutical science and medicine.

“Previously, in the era of the 60’s and 70’s marijuana once synonymous with the abuse that is rarely seen its potential for medical purposes,” said Dr Whelley as quoted by the Telegraph.

Benefits of marijuana in the medical field is already much studied in recent decades. Some of them also proved that the plant is efficacious as a medicine, among others overcome the pain in patients with multiple schlerosis and cancer.
Recent research conducted by Dr. Whalley and his team have been published recently in the journal seizure.

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  1. I have petit malor partial siezures. prescribed drugs do not work for me as i keptgettingsiezures al;ong with horribleside effects. I tought i was going to die from it.I started smokingweed because i love it and tought i would go out happy at least. now i smoke evry day and have had no siezures for the last 3 years. my doctor says that epilepsy can only be managed and that weed is known to help and she never said that i should stop. Recently i found myself in a hostel,and nobody believes that i smoke as medication. staff want me to stop before i move on but i would rather go homeless than experience those horrible scary siezures ever again. I'm looking for some evidence that could back up my story. people here should be supporting me but they want to take away my lifeline because of ignorance please does anyone have any information or advice?

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