Listen to Music Cause Depression?

Would you believe, that listening to music it also can lead to depression or stress? That’s the scientific findings of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh United States. The pop music genre can make teens become depressed.

According to the studies, adolescents who are depressed tend to seek the kind of music in tune with their moods. The song as a solace. However, this will only make teens more depressed. In these circumstances, young people tend to listen to music alone  rather than having to interact. This is causing the risk of depression.

This research was conducted on 106 adolescents with at least find out what media they use to listen to music. Research shows people who use more time to listen to music exposed to 8.3 times the risk of experiencing depression.

“These are preliminary findings. We have not said that music can bring bad influence,” said Dr. Primack of the University of Brain A Pitssburgh.

In some previous studies, music therapy actually proved to be a powerful medium to combat stress. Even music can be efficacious therapy for patients with heart disease and hypertension or high blood pressure.

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