6 best food to prevent hunger

To maintain ideal body weight, need to know what foods to slow the arrival of hunger.

Here are some foods that are proven to slow the arrival of hunger:

1. Porridge

Porridge has a very low GI, which means that the carbohydrates enter the bloodstream steadily and it will maintain our body’s energy levels and prevent the food we eat until 11am. Research shows that the wet food and creamier to activate the signal satisfaction, enhance satiety, and most importantly, a bowl of porridge can lower cholesterol. So, porridge is a perfect breakfast.

If you are looking for snack foods, popcorn is one of the best choices. Popcorn beneficial to wheat foods that contain fiber and filling snack alternative than the other. But do not eat the popcorn that contain butter, oil, toffee or salt, because the plain popcorn was the one who can fill your stomach needs.

3. Apple
Apples are a good food to keep hunger if you’re traveling because of the fact that apples are full of fiber. Research has shown that eating an apple 20 minutes before eating food can reduce the amount of food consumed at meals. So, if you regularly eat apples every day, the fiber in our bodies can be met on a regular basis and can prevent us from feeling hungry.

4. Orange
Orange is the super fruit that contains fluid that gives a very big role in giving a sense of satiety. Oranges also contain 86% water, and research shows that foods with high water content can help increase satiety by increasing the portion size without adding calories.

5. Eggs
Eggs are not low in calories compared to some other foods that have been mentioned so far, but due to the fact that eggs are a source of protein, eggs certainly deserves mention a food that can keep hunger. Foods high in protein will make a longer satiety. Eggs have other benefits as well, which contains all the essential amino acids in the proper proportions needed by the body for optimal growth and maintenance of metabolically active muscle tissue.

6. Soup
Some studies claim that eating soup before a meal can increase satiety, the results we so eat less and take fewer calories. Need to be careful on the choice of soup, even if it is homemade soup, so we have control over the material to be inserted. If you want to buy canned soup, you should check its nutrition information, especially the amount of salt, calories and fat.

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