Hollywood Artificial Ears

A 14-year-old girl get plastic surgery treatments a la Hollywood celebrity in his right ear. A girl named Elise Lutz was suffering from burns caused when he was scalded toddler.

As reported by the Associated Press, Lutz, who liked to swim has tried all ways to help cover the burn. Starting from the cover with her hair up to try a variety of artificial ears affixed using glue.

Finally, adoptive parents Lutz met Jerry Schoendorf, surgeon who frequently deal with Hollywood celebrities. The surgeon from North Carolina will offer a painless solution called anaplastology.

Anaplastology allows Lutz to have ears that look similar to the native ear. Even the ears are made of silicone ear shine like the original under the sun exposure. “Those who have the implants will not be aware if they have them. This is the luxury equivalent of Rolls Royce,” said Jerry Schoendorf, anaplastology experts at The Anaplastology Clinic.

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