Sex Positions Determine Baby Gender?

Naturally, women have the possibility of pregnancy about 20-25 percent in a single cycle of 20 years of age. That is, at the age of 20-29 years, at each cycle of ovulation, the possibility of becoming pregnant is 20-25 percent.

The sex itself has been formed since the merger of the cell (fertilization) between sperm cells with egg cells in the oviduct. Thus, the process of man is not in the womb, but at the end of the fallopian tube called the ampulla.

After the merger, can be considered all the basic ingredients of human has been formed. There was incorporation of chromosomes of mother and father’s chromosomes, including sex will also be formed. In the event of any abnormality, can already known.

After that, cells that have joined earlier came back and stuck to the uterus to embryo. Or vice versa, come out again as menstruation. In the event of a merger between the Y sperm and an egg cell X, it will be a male fetus. Women only carry one type of chromosome (X), while men have 2 types of sperm carrying X and Y chromosome

Sometimes there is a failure of sperm formation. For example, the incidence of XO or just carry sperm X, while Y is not formed. Finally, what happens is that girls are not perfect. There is also a chromosome abnormality in which the excess or less. This disorder can affect the pattern of sexual performance. For example, if what happens is XYY, may be emerging is a very aggressive child. In America, research is usually carried out to the bandits. It turned out that his Y chromosome was found excessive, so that they become very aggressive and cause social problems.

Factors that strongly influence the sex of the baby is a genetic factor. For example, in America, found a family that has a tendency always gave birth to a baby boy. Over the past 200 years, descendants of the family were all male. “It depends on the strength or the number of sperm cells that exist. But in general, the probability of the sex of the baby is 50-50. ”

In fact, can couples choose baby’s sex according to their wishes? Many opinions or myths that suggest certain tricks in order to obtain the sex of the baby as expected, from the starting position sex, food, and so forth.

The method is now widely used method is found Dr. Landrum Shettles. The author of How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby is analyzed that the pH of the vagina plays a role in the fertilization process. The more alkaline pH tend to produce a baby-sex male, while the more acidic pH. Otherwise, from this base, then examined and searched how to obtain vaginal pH atmosphere.

One is the sex position. In order to create the atmosphere of the alkaline pH of the vagina, sex position suggested is penetrating deeper and deeper into the cervix. This could lead to alkaline conditions, while the penetration is more to the outside, tends to create an atmosphere of acid, which means opportunities get bigger girls.

As for controlling the least penetration, the recommended position is the missionary position to create an acid pH, and rear-entry position to create an alkaline pH.

So is the food, the selected type that can cause acidic or alkaline. For example, to create an atmosphere of acid, the consumption of foods that are recommended are foods that contain elements of salt, or foods high in calcium and magnesium, such as dairy products (cheese, yogurt) and its derivatives. Then, avoid foods that contain meat, because of high sodium and potassium. Conversely, to obtain a baby boy, choose foods high in sodium and potassium. This will help the atmosphere becomes more alkaline vaginal fluid.

Right timing
In addition to the position of sex and food, another commonly used way is to wash the vagina before sexual intercourse. For example, to obtain an acidic pH of the vagina, the vagina is washed with vinegar, while for alkaline conditions, can be washed with baking soda (baking soda). This technique has a success rate that is not too high, about 50-70 percent.

Another technique is the technique of time of ovulation (the timing of ovulation), which was also introduced by Dr. Shettles. The basis of this technique is to see the level of sperm movement. Y sperm are smaller, because fewer genetic material, but short age. While the X sperm more fat, larger and slower movements, but age is more durable.

On the basis of these forms of anatomy sperm, Shettles see the time factor of sexual relationships can affect the baby’s sex. The closer the time of intercourse to the time of ovulation, it is expected that faster Y sperm move into the egg cell, so it is likely to produce boys larger. Shettles recommends intercourse performed 1-2 days before ovulation.

If you want a girl, intercourse should be done in advance before ovulation, could be 3-5 days before ovulation, after that do not relate anymore. Hopefully, the X sperm is sluggish, while Y sperm are resistant to the egg cell. Shettles claims, this technique has a high likelihood of success 70-80 percent.

Sort-select Sperm
In addition to the Shettles method is arguably low technology, people start looking for ways to choose the sex of a more scientific and more certain. One of them by selecting sperm. X and Y by way of fluid filtered with albumin (albumin method). This method was discovered by Dr. Ronald Ericsson, PhD and is now used for inseminations.

In principle, the sperm in-washing, rotated (centrifuged), and then inserted into the medium albumin. Well, good swimming ability of sperm retrieved. Sperm sorting method is only good, but do not select the type of sperm, so the probability is only 78 percent-85 percent for boys, and 73 percent-75 percent for baby girls.

The method is more sophisticated with micro sorting (MicroSort). The principle of this method is to mark the chromosomes with dye fluorescence or FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization). Sperm was marked with fluorescence dye, thus emitting a particular color, through a tool called a flow citometry. For example, the Y sperm green, red X sperm. After that will be obtained by X or Y sort.

The success of this method is claimed to increase to 85 percent, although there is still sperm that pass too. This method has also been done in the United States, although still showing the pros and cons about the security dye.

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