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Cannabis, or marijuana (Cannabis sativa) has been used as a drug by humans for thousands of years. But since the 20th century this plant is classified as an illegal drug by many countries, including Indonesia. In the last two decades, there has been pressure to legalize marijuana, especially for medical purposes.

Early December 2010, the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, issued a decision will be sold in the market marijuana as a medicine for patients with severe disease. The move followed the 14 states in the United States who had already been legalized marijuana as medicine.

In some U.S. states, marijuana may be used for pain relief, nausea and loss of appetite that often affects people with AIDS, cancer and other debilitating diseases. Thousands of patients estimated to need marijuana as a medicine.

Although the regulation is contrary to central government regulations (federal), but according to a poll 46 percent of Americans want legalization of marijuana. Some European countries also have to legalize marijuana as a medicine and sold in pharmacies by prescription.

However, as medicine, marijuana has many limitations. For example, marijuana was last used as a therapy after other types of treatment therapy. In New Jersey alone was also conducted drug ban marijuana for patients with seizure conditions, glaucoma and muscle spasms. Not all pharmacies are also able to sell these drugs, the government limits the number of pharmacies in one region.

To ensure there is no abuse, the U.S. government also implemented a policy of outright purchase and does not serve the message across while also limiting the dose that can be bought by one patient.

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