European Union Bans Use of mephedrone

A total of 27 EU member states currently have imposed a ban on the use of drugs mephedrone the same effect as ecstasy pills. Similarly, the European Commission’s announcement as reported by Xinhua Beritya Office, recently.

Minister of Justice of the European Union agreed to prohibit the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals mephedrone that is still legal in 12 countries of the European Union. The drug is sold over the Internet by using the names of plants.

EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said the EU must act quickly to stop the spread of this drug before more victims fall. Moreover, mephedrone allegedly resulted in two direct deaths in the EU. In fact, meow-meow been blamed for 37 deaths in the UK and Ireland.

As quoted by Timesonline, meow-meow is a material that is easily available or legal, it can even be purchased over the Internet are often advertised as a feed crop. Adolescent and lover of the world aka sparkling clubbing in the UK, for instance. They began to bloom using a meow-meow is due to be considered legal and easily obtained than ecstasy.

Meow-meow used in tablet or inhaled as a powder that can provide high effects as ecstasy and has been much abused since a few years ago in England. Some material is already established as a category of abuse of narcotics and dangerous drugs such as BZP or alias drugs Benzyl piperazine (derived from de-worming) and GBL or gamma butyrolactone (a type of paint pengelupas).

Now, mephedrone and other similar drugs such as salvia or herbal ecstasy that comes from the Mexican plant, Salvia divinorum, is being studied. Meow-meow users reported experiencing euphoria with mental and physical stimulation, difficulty speaking and feeling empathy. Physical changes include a widened pupils, increased heart rate, sweating, flushing and chills the body. However, few have reported significant hallucinations.

The effects can occur within half an hour after taking the tablet form. Meanwhile, when using the powder can occur within a few minutes. Adverse effects of this material is triggering people to take in large doses, rapid changes in body temperature (sweating or shivering), paranoia, heart palpitations, panic attacks and muscle spasms.

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