Cancer Drugs Found to Child Leukaemia

each year about 380 children in Britain are diagnosed with acute lymphoblasitc leukemia (ALL), cancer of white blood cells that block the body’s ability to fight infection. Survival rates of children with ALL has improved significantly in recent years.

Typically, less than half of those infected can only survive for more than three years. However, a new drug called Mitoxantran has proven nearly 70 percent can improve survival for more than three years.

The Telegraph over the weekend to write the findings of a study involving 216 children, funded by Cancer Research UK and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Research, that Mitoxantran improve survival rates around 69 percent over three years, compared with those receiving standard treatment.

Cancer Research UK, said that the results of drug discovery is so promising that every child with cancer is given Mitoxantrone.

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