Do Babies Learn to Talk in mother’s womb ?

Babies in the womb has been know his mother’s voice and be able to learn the language. speak with active can train the ability to speak.

The conclusion was obtained in the study Effects of Experience on Fetal Voice Recoqnition Chinese poetry that plays a recording for 2 minutes, to 60 pregnant women. During the recording is playing, the baby’s heartbeat in the womb are also monitored to see how the baby reacts.

When the baby hears her mother’s voice, his heart rhythm is very active. Meanwhile, when recording the voice of poetry with other people playing, slowed heart rhythm. The researchers interpret the baby’s heart rhythm as a reaction against what they hear.

When the rhythm becomes active, baby give full attention to the words of the mother. These words are then studied to then be recorded in their memory as a basic ability to speak.

For that, enjoy the process of containing by actively encouraging baby talk. But choose how to talk in a friendly environment for the child stored in the memory, the beauty when interacting with their parents.

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