Tips for Male Sex Organs Vitality Stay Healthy and Strong

Many men who want to increase energy and sexual desire in various ways, but few who care to health care for intimate organ. Whereas male sex organ health also plays an important role in public health. How to make male sex organs remain healthy and strong?

Reported by LIVESTRONG , there are some vitamins and herbs that can be used to keep the male genital organs remain healthy and strong, among others:

1. Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an essential vitamin for maintaining healthy male genitals, especially those suffering from Peyronie disease, the condition characterized by a plaque or hard lump, that forms on the penis erectile tissues. Scar tissue or plaque on the abnormal penile tissue can cause pain when the penis erection or orgasm.

Although there is no cure for Peyronie disease, doctors usually recommend medication, injections or surgery to help relieve symptoms. Vitamin E also may help relieve symptoms.

2. Ginkgo Biloba
Gingko biloba has long been used as medicinal herb for treating circulatory disorders. For this reason, gingko biloba may help improve the health of the penis by increasing circulation to the organ. This is especially played a role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

3. Vitamin C
Taking supplements of vitamin C or changing the diet to include more foods rich in vitamin C, can offer many benefits to sexual health. Vitamin C plays an important role in the body to grow and repair tissues throughout the body, including the penis.

The body needs vitamin C to help make collagen, the protein that makes skin and blood vessels, both are numerous in the sexual organs. For that, people who have sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or problem with sexual desire, vitamin C can help. also revealed that lack of vitamin C can cause the number of sperm becomes less, which in turn can contribute to infertility (infertility).

4. Ginseng
Ginseng plants that are often encountered in the form of tea plays a role in maintaining the health of the penis in several ways. According to the National Institutes of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, ginseng can be used to increase stamina and treat erectile dysfunction.

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