Benefits of Sex for Women

Author sexual health problems, Bethany Heitman, revealed that having sex regularly and done the right way, have so many benefits. Not only to build an intimate relationship between you and your partner, but especially for women, sex is very beneficial for health.

At least there are 5 benefits of sex for women:
1.Sex is the best sport. Yes, sex can help you to burn calories. Even sex burns more calories than you exercise, whether on a treadmill or other exercise tools.

2.Sex can increase levels of oxytocin in the body. High levels of oxytocin which is believed to improve sleep quality.

3.Sex can eliminate stress. So if you feel depressed because of work deadlines hunted, let the lover helps you to release the load.

4. A study found that sexual activity at least once a week can boost the immune system.

Nothing wrong to reconsider the benefits of having sex with your partner before doing so.

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