Lies After Sex

It seems that the phrase about the lie for the good can be done by some women. Moreover, the most important issues related to pleasure or satisfaction after having sex. According to a recent study Kinsey Institute, 85 percent of the Men felt he had to fulfill its duties in a satisfactory with his partner. However, only 64 percent of women who feel getting pleasure from her partner.

Rather than answer honestly about their feelings, some women actually choose to lie in order to keep the other feels. As recently reported by site, when asked about the level of satisfaction with a given partner, this femininity instead chose to cover and claim to “satisfied” with their partner.

Here some lie of the women that may occur:

1. Some women pretend to really enjoy sex with a partner. And, if telling the truth and looks do not enjoy when having sex, some men feel harassed.

2. Some men are born with have a big ego what makes some women should do fine white lie or a lie when you’re having sex.

3. As an expression of giving and given, the men would feel satisfied if their partner found satisfied. This makes the women have seemed to enjoy having sex with their partner.

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