Lack of vitamin D Increase Risk of Death

A new study at the University of Eastern Finland have found that vitamin D deficiency can increase one’s risk of death, according to Finnish media reported.

The researchers studied the effects of vitamin D on more than 1,000 people aged 53 to 73 years who are not suffering from cancer or blood vessel disease, but 65 percent of subjects were found to have low levels of vitamin D. Subjects were followed for about nine years. A total of 87 participants died during the study.

This study confirms that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of chronic disease. Individuals with low levels of vitamin D have an increased risk of death two times higher than those who consumed vitamin D is higher.

During the summer months in Finland, vitamin D can be obtained from sun exposure. However, people living in Finland depends on vitamin D obtained from food or supplements during the dark months of the year.

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