Laptops Could Disturb Sperm

This is a warning to men who have a habit of put the laptop on top of the thigh. Research experts who published the journal Fertility and Sterility November issue is suggested that men avoid the habit of putting a laptop in the near any vital organs. Because it can trigger the risk of interference with fertility.

The researchers explained, the use of laptops could be a threat to the production of sperm due to heat generated by the portable computer can trigger a rise in temperature in the scrotum or bag sperm-producing testes.

In his research, the researchers measure the temperature of the scrotum 29 young male volunteers using a thermometer. Volunteers are measured when they place the laptop on his knee. Although the volunteers using a type of mat to reduce the temperature of the laptop, investigators found the testicles of the volunteers experienced a rapid increase in temperature.

“In 10 or 15 minutes scrotal temperature has risen above the level that we consider safe. But they do not feel it,” said Dr Yefim Sheynkin, an expert in urology from the State University of New York.

Sheynkin stressed, the results of this test does not prove that the use of laptops may reduce male fertility. However, the results of some previous studies showed an increase in scrotal temperature can cause a little damage to the sperm.

In measuring the temperature of the scrotum was found that the male testes temperature increased up to 2.5 degrees Celsius after the work by placing computers in the upper thigh.

“I would not say that if someone using a laptop then they will become sterile,” says Sheynkin.

However, he continued, with fairly frequent use can certainly cause problems, because “The scrotum did not have time to do the cooling.”

If it is proven to affect fertility, the laptop should be included in other lifestyle factors such as diet, drug use, and sports-men who shall be maintained in order to maintain the reproductive system remains healthy. Sheynkin added, use a pair of jeans or tight underwear will not cause the declining number of male sperm cell.

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