World’s Most Fat …

United States not only dominate the world economy. Yet it also holds rank as the country with the fattest population in the world.

The report released by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said the increasing rates of obesity, making the U.S. as the highest state to the problem in body weight, where more than two-thirds of its population overweight.

Even more alarming, the problem of obesity in the United States was not limited to adults. The U.S. also has the highest obesity rate for children, among developed countries.

U.S. certainly is not alone among OECD countries in the struggle to handle a weight problem. Almost half of OECD countries, 50% or more of the population now classified as overweight.

Meanwhile, obesity rates have doubled, reaching even tripled in certain countries since 1980. Before that year, obesity rates in OECD countries are generally below 10%.

Mexico recorded as the most populous countries are overweight, which reached 69.5%. Followed by the U.S. as much as 68%, 62.6% of New Zealand, then Australia, Britain and Ireland by 61%. Similarly, Iceland’s 60.2% above the population-weighted average. 60% followed by Canada, Chile and Greece 59.7% 58.9%

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