Women’s Over “Hold specials”

Behind the tenderness of women, actually saved a large enough force. Compared to men, women are more able to withstand the pain, even on a fairly serious trauma wound.

“Strength” the women of the most obvious is its ability to conceive for 9 months, the pain of labor to care for and raise children. Another strength is the hidden face of conflict or trauma injury.

“When there is traumatic injury, the ability and strength of women is much better than men. The durability of the women was partly because the hormones that enhance the immune system,” said H. Haider Dr.Adil from Johns Hopkins University.

However, these hormones also turned out to be a boomerang for the women themselves. “Because an overactive immune system, women are also more susceptible terkenda autoimmune diseases such as lupus,” said Haider.

In his research, Haider perform data analysis on survival rates (survival rates) accident injured 48 394 and divide them into several groups based on age, ie, who have low hormone or 12 years old or over 65 years, and the age group 13-64 years .

Only those who have very low blood pressure, which by the doctors regarded as a sign of shock due to trauma, which is included in this study.

Of the group of patients aged less than 12 years, about 29 percent of men and 24 percent of women died. Meanwhile, for the age group 13-64 years, 34 percent of men died and 30 percent of women who died. In the group aged 65 years and over, there were 36 percent of men who died and only 31 women who died.

After considering other factors, such as age, severity of injury, type of injuries and accidents, the researchers concluded that the life expectancy of women 14 percent higher than men. According to Haider, the hormone estrogen may be an important factor in determining life expectancy.

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