Age 30, Burn More Fat!

Increased age is no excuse to reduce the time to exercise. Instead, we must add the duration of which we do for a proportional body we have now will still be ideal.

If we want to burn more fat, then simply add 60 minutes of exercise time in a week. This was revealed in a recent research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research some time ago. According to experts, adding that time will help the body burn fat three times as many.

These results are evident from observations made on two groups of sports participants. The first group exercise cardio for half an hour, 2 times a week. They managed to lose 2 pounds of fat in 8 weeks. Meanwhile, the second group took 4 exercise sessions per week, but with the same duration, ie half an hour. As a result, they managed to lose weight to 8 kg.

The experts believe, the more often you exercise, your appetite will decreased. So, who says age is filled with a slowing of the ability of our body work? If we start adding the duration of exercise starting today, so we never degraded body fitness.

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