Dangers of Cigarette Smoke In The Apartments

Be careful if you have neighbors who smoke. The current passive smokers more susceptible to diseases caused by cigarette smoke from active smokers. In fact, the apartments in the United States, seems to have no longer safe for citizens who do not smoke.

Researchers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, has recently investigated the impact of tobacco caused by the environment or neighbors. They analyzed air quality data from 30 apartments in 11 buildings. The findings show that cigarette smoke can travel in the halls of the apartment. The number of cigarette smoke that spread depends on several factors, including ventilation and the distance between the rooms.

Brian King, leader of the research team said, “This research shows that individuals who live in apartment buildings are particularly vulnerable to secondhand smoke in their homes.” The researchers also said the government shearusnya provide anti-smoking building to reduce the risk of disease and protect its citizens who do not smoke.

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