Tips for Preventing Obesity in Children

Every mother must crave a healthy child. But not every mother knows the secret to staying healthy child. Lack of activity, combined with unwise food choices, cause obesity in children.

Nearly a third of American children are overweight. Research conducted by the Weight Watchers show that the solution is to not apply to your child’s diet, but rather focus on a healthier lifestyle. Here are important tips for your children grow up healthy:

1. Focus on healthy and nutritious food
Foods rich in nutrients but high in calories, such as wheat, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and low-fat milk is good for consumption. Replace soda and fruit juice consumption with water or low-fat milk. Add a little healthy oil (canola or olive) to get the vitamin E that is lost due to low-fat diet.

2. Apply a healthy way of life

Teach your child to eat with regular and adequate portions. And teach the children how to choose healthy foods.

3. Limit time watching TV

Television, computers and video games have become the dominant means of recreation in our society. Limit your child watch television or computer screen in front of no more than two hours. And avoid television for children under the age of two years. If it’s time to sleep, apply on the child to immediately enter into the room.

4. Spend time together
Active in various physical activities, such creativity is done with the family is also a factor supporting your child’s health. Spend at least an hour for your children actively engaged.

5. Apply regulations on child
Regulations such as implementing diet and regular breaks are very important for your child.

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