Childbirth makes women smarter

Women have an advantage to be able to give birth to a child, in addition, the birth of a child is a blessing for a woman.

A research published by the American Psychological Association proved that women could become more intelligent after giving birth, because the volume of the female brain was growing larger after childbirth.

The amount of increase of brain volume was influenced by the reaction to the birth of a baby. The more grateful for the presence of the baby, the greater of the improvement that occurred.

The study involved observation of 19 pregnant women. In a certain period after delivery, the participants underwent brain scans.

The first scan performed 2-4 weeks after birth while the second is done after 3-4 months. Although not very large, the increase in volume that occurred was considered quite significant.

Quoted from the Telegraph, on Thursday (10/21/2010), increased brain volume occur in the following areas.

1. Hypothalamic emotional processing
2. Amygdala that processes emotion and appreciation
3. Parietal lobe sensory processing
4. Prefrontal cortex that processes logic and assessment.

According to the researchers, brain volume in adults rarely change except due to certain conditions. For example, an intensive learning process, brain injury or disease and environmental influences.

Researchers speculate, it is triggered by hormonal changes that occur in the early days of parenting. Positive change occurs when a woman assumes the presence of the baby as something special, beautiful and perfect.

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