How to Find the Hidden Sensitive Points of Women ?

Quality of sex relationships can be created by knowing the ins and outs of the sensitive points that can stimulate your partner. If you are a woman try to be more active, ask your husband through sensitive areas that could stimulate sexual arousal. However, if you do not know that sensitive point, please refer to the tips below:

1. Area above the pubic
Couples can try to explore the area above the pubic hair grows. Medical Director of the Center for Sexual Medicine in California, Michael Krychman MD, CM, said that this area can provide a sense of fun to you if touched.

To obtain a more pleasant sensation, apply a botanical oils are made to provide stimulation and sensitivity effects. You do not need to be embarrassed to ask the couple. According to research at Indiana University, women who think more positively of the body particularly sensitive area that is very personal, more often have an orgasm.

2. Behind knee
You can be tickled if this area is touched. However, this area is precisely the sexual hot spot that is almost forgotten. If touched in a way that “true”, this section could be a point that is able to evoke erotic arousal. Ask your husband to kiss, give a gentle massage with lotion, or even a soft bite.

3. Stomach
For some women, massage in the abdominal area can give an erotic experience. Amy Levine, sex therapist in New York, said that in some cases, women can even reach the point of orgasm with abdominal exercise. Moving this sport into the mattress can make it easier for women to reach the culmination of sexual abuse.

4. Area head
You enjoy a certain sensation when creambath in the salon, right? Try asking the husband to do something similar at home, but more on sexual activity. Ask him to give a gentle massage in the area of braincase. This area is surrounded by a nerve that provides sensitivity to the touch. Some experts say, giving a massage in the area of the head to help relieve tension and improving blood circulation

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