Kidney Also Need Protection When Accidents Happen

Speaking of traffic accidents, head injuries are considered most vulnerable so that more protected with helmets and airbags. It turned out that the risk is as great in the kidneys, even kidney injury in a collision when the collision occurred at most.

About 60 percent of cases of trauma to the kidney occurs during an accident, especially a car crash. Of the 2864 car crash incident in the U.S. between 1996 to September 2008, 139 of which cause kidney injury on board.

Quoted from ScienceDaily (10/24/2010), a collision from the front of most risk of causing kidney injury that is 54.7 percent. While the risks involved in a collision that occurred from the side that is relatively smaller 45.3 percent.

Dr Thomas G Smith III, a urologist from the United States reveal in a study at the University of Texas Medical School recently. The study was published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.

The study also revealed that the airbags in cars not only useful to protect the head from impact, but also the kidneys. Airbags in the front dashboard to protect the kidney to 45.3 percent while the side-mounted airbags protect up to 52.8 percent.

The findings are surprising because the latter airbags or air bags in cars are generally designed to protect the head and spine. Risk in the kidneys are often overlooked even though it turns out the same danger than in the head and spine.

“There should be more research to uncover the role of airbags in protecting the kidneys and other vital organs during a car accident,” said Dr. Smith in a release accompanying the publication of his research.

While quoted from Urologyhealth, kidney injury due to collisions can lead to urinary problems and delayed bleeding. Complications such as abscess or pus formation around the tissue injury and hypertension in a very serious injury.

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