Scorpion Poison Prevent Heart Failure

Scorpion into a frightening animal, because the toxins in the body known to be very dangerous. But British researchers actually revealed that scorpion venom could be the key to preventing heart bypass failure.

Someone who is experiencing changes in the heart, so care is required is to perform bypass surgery. This operation is performed to improve blood flow to the heart in people who are known to have severe coronary disease so that the risk of heart attack.

During surgery, a healthy artery or vein from another body part linked to a clogged coronary artery. This new route will bring oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle. However, this operation can fail if the graft is blocked veins.

Scientists from the University of Leeds have found that the margatoxin toxin found in bark scorpions in Central America can be a solution. The results are published online in the Cardiovascular Research found the toxin has the power of at least 100 times stronger than the other compounds to prevent vein graft failure.

“This poison works by suppressing the natural response to injury of blood vessels that keep blood vessels clean. The effectiveness of these toxins makes our surprise and it takes only a few molecules to get the effect,” said lead researcher Professor Beech, as quoted from Dailymail, Saturday (10/23/2010).
Professor Beech reveal this margatoxin possibility can be given in the form of medicine that is swallowed, inhaled or injected. But it could also potentially as a drug spray into the blood vessel itself while waiting for heart transplant surgery.

Heart disease to date remains one of the feared heart disease, and surgery by pass that success can last about 10-15 years. It is expected that with the discovery margatoxin of bark scorpion can reduce the failure rate in patients with cardiac bypass surgery, which can increase life expectancy.

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