Coffee and Tea Reduces Risk of Brain Cancer

Consuming coffee or tea regularly can reduce the risk of brain cancer. International study involving 410 thousand men and women aged 25 to 70 years to prove, the content in coffee and tea may prevent prevent glioma, which is cancer that attacks the central nervous system or spinal cord.

“Consuming 100 milliliters or a quarter cup of tea or coffee per day may reduce the risk of glioma by 34 percent,” said John S. Yu, researchers from The Brain Tumor Center of Excellence at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, United States, Friday (23/10). “These findings really surprising. Figures of 34 percent decreased risk is great progress. Currently we are investigating whether there are other factors that cause a decrease this risk.”

Research involving participants from France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Britain, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany, it is expected to be a bright spot for the world of health that will find the best way for the healing process of cancer.

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